what’s in my mailbox? mail marathon, pt. I

art nouveau mail (3 of 10)art nouveau mail (9 of 10)art nouveau mail (2 of 10)

I might not have been the fastest at writing letters (or blogging) these past few months, but I’ve certainly enjoyed reading and enjoying all the mail that found its way to me! It might take me a few posts to explore all of these works of art in detail, but I’m up for the challenge!

Speaking of art (when am I not?), I’ll kick off this first half of my mail marathon with a few Art Nouveau/nineteenth-century inspired styles!

art nouveau mail (4 of 10)art nouveau mail (6 of 10)

The enchantingly verdant woodland aesthetic of this mail from Ireland brought me such sylvan joy in the midst of a dark autumn. I’m always fond of a good fox stamp, of course, and that picture of the Hill of Tara, where there is an Iron Age archaeological site, I’ve learned, has me even more excited to encounter some stone circles and settlements an island away in Wales this winter!

art nouveau mail (7 of 10)

Just so we cover multiple areas of the British Isles, these labels/bookplates remind me of the William Morris-style Arts & Crafts appearance of stately old homes in the Lake District…

art nouveau mail (8 of 10)

These souvenirs from Vienna transported me to imaginary Austrian travels centered on endless hours at museums…

art nouveau mail (10 of 10)

…while my pen pal from Spain once again made me feel as though I’d stumbled upon some Victorian-era flower aficionado’s collage. (I adore the stamp overlaid on the doily!)

art nouveau mail (1 of 10)

To end on a graceful, otherworldly note, enjoy these teal-toned unicorns!

Did you send me something recently that hasn’t made an appearance yet? Don’t fret – a sequel to this post may manifest sometime in the near future! (It might even become a trilogy if I’m really productive, but let’s not allow “vaulting ambition [to] o’erleap itself” in Macbethian style…)



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