a very nineteenth-century stationery haul

flower stationery (1 of 5)flower stationery (3 of 5)

These past December days, I’ve felt most frustratingly filled with the holiday spirit – and completely unable to act upon my gift-giving urges!

A cloud of end-of-the-semester papers and grading looms over me, and, meteorologists suggest, will likely stick around for the next few weeks. As Christmas creeps closer, I’d love to devote my evenings to putting together my festive outgoing mail: perhaps some study breaks are in the distant future?

In any case, for convenience’s sake, I happen to work at a historic house museum with an extraordinary gift shop that’s proven a perfect place to finish my holiday shopping. I might not be able to make any envelopes out of that incredible William Morris paper yet – but at least I have it on hand!

flower stationery (4 of 5)

Because I just can’t wait for spring to come, I’m optimistically sending some flower seeds as gifts to those of my American pen pals who enjoy gardening!

flower stationery (5 of 5)

I’m not sure what my favorite American poet would say about seeing her words on greeting cards, but she might appreciate the tasteful minimalism of this particular design.

flower stationery (2 of 5)

I’d like to think she would also enjoy the envelopes inspired by her herbarium, a remarkable collection of plant specimens she assembled as a young girl – though it was made with a methodical, scientific impulse in mind, there’s something so artful about those flowers carefully and neatly arranged on white paper!

Let’s see how long these pretty supplies can remain untouched on my desk until my whirlwind holiday preparations begin in earnest!


One thought on “a very nineteenth-century stationery haul

  1. IdleEmma December 9, 2017 / 5:37 pm

    Museum gift shop – very convenient! Museum gift shops do often have the best stationery, don’t they?

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