my favorite outfits: 2017 edition


rabbits & the moon  my first petticoat! ♡ cosmic & canine

cute & cephalopoda she buys seashells ♡ return to the sea

tidepool time rose-y cotton ♡ burgundy every burgunday

Given this general delinquency in terms of my blogging consistency this year, I almost feel like I don’t deserve to pepper this coming week with unwarranted “round-up” posts–but I hope the nostalgic alchemy of year-end reflections will transform my posting malaise into something golden.

Thus, in what has now become a biannual tradition, I’ve selected nine outfits that I feel best capture the style transitions shaped by 2017. You may, perhaps, notice a vague evolution. I’ve finally discovered those few elusive retailers that actually design tea-length skirts that suit my long legs, and I’ve favored lace, floral embroidery, ocean-themed prints (that’s nothing new, but at least I have a sizable collection now!) and the remarkable innovation of wearing shirts under dresses.

provenance details

  1. almost-mythological moonlit rabbit dress by Lindy Bop
  2. pastel seahorse and shell extravaganza by Hell Bunny
  3. dogs-in-space (a.k.a. the dress that once made everyone do a double-take in Stop & Shop) by Lindy Bop
  4. true vintage (oh how magical to use this trendy phrase!) yellow striped dress found in Lewisburg, PA
  5. dreamy pink mermaid embroidered dress by Hell Bunny
  6. celestial sea creatures skirt by Lindy Bop
  7. non-celestial (but still pretty great!) sea creatures dress by Lindy Bop (are you noticing a trend?)
  8. that same pink mermaid dress by Hell Bunny restyled for winter with an embroidered floral sweater from TJ Maxx
  9. burgundy overall dress by Collectif (and although I adore this dress, I have to admit that one of its buttons fell off days after I acquired it–an incredibly frustrating situation for a garment that retails for a high price!)

As my taste does change, I’ve found that I have a number of older, rarely-worn dresses in excellent condition that I’d rather like to sell secondhand (I do have a wedding to save for!): if you’ve enjoyed positive experiences on any particular online sales site and have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

One thought on “my favorite outfits: 2017 edition

  1. IdleEmma January 1, 2018 / 10:33 am

    So many bright and fun patterns! It’s funny how different our dress styles are – if I were to do this it would just be nine pictures of me in black, navy and various shades of grey…also half the pictures would just be pyjamas in those colours xD

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