lake como in the snow

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Last year, I spent January 1st by the piers of Monterey and the final days of December next to these chilly harbors. Lake Como, as far as I understand it, is a celebrated summer oasis for boaters, architecture-lovers, and relaxation-seekers alike: of course we visited in the middle of winter, and spent our only full day dodging icy rain.

Yet Como’s weather deities smiled upon us at last during our final four hours in the area, and I had the opportunity to capture a waterscape unlike any I’d ever photographed before, pairing blue waves with distant snowy peaks!

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I think I used the word “tempestuous” multiple times when referring to Como in my Instagram stories, and perhaps this photograph best supports my vocabulary choice.

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The wind tormented us relentlessly as we walked down this lakeside path – while a villa I’d hoped to visit (had the pouring rain not intervened) demonstrated its allure from a distance.

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I found it delightful and nerve-wracking to observe the antics of the local winged inhabitants. These hooded crows proved quite adept at dodging the wild waves…

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…but this duck had to work a little harder! He struggled in a current until finally slapping his orange feet onto the stony shore. May his inspirational strength guide me always.

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I had to take a moment to pose with this year’s beloved travel companion – my behemoth of a winter coat, purchased last February, that has seen me through Scotland and the continent alike (to say the least of countless bitter New England blizzards!). It might take up about 75% of my checked baggage space allowance, but a more loyal coat you will never find. Here’s to my next cold sojourns: and visiting Como in the summer one day!

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