milo james thatch

tweed dress (1 of 2)-2tweed dress (2 of 2)-2

For some reason, I attempted to channel a vaguely Atlantis: The Lost Empire aesthetic for my first day of the spring semester. Milo Thatch, after all, has always been my number-one fictional academic inspiration.

Will such a style help me with art history, though? Likely not — but if I need to decipher any runes or mythical cartography I might be okay.

tweed dress (2 of 2)

Bell sleeves, tweed, pinafore dresses with pockets, and trilobite pins – these are the mystical ingredients with which I am attempting to conjure some joy and delight after having to leave my fiance’s country–we had such a lovely time together in those welcoming Welsh landscapes! I feel just about as stuck as a fossilized trilobite, sometimes, but I know that our next visit is just in view on the horizon.

In the meantime, I won’t bury the lede: back-to-school outfits imply that the spring semester has begun, and I have so many discoveries about later medieval art, American painting, and my beloved nineteenth-century fairy images to make! Surely immersing myself in primary sources and museum visits will keep me busy: though probably not as busy as discovering Atlantis itself might…

dress: Lindy Bop / trilobite pin: Natelle Draws Stuff / book: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Elizabethan England

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