outgoing mail: pure imagination

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Somewhere, lost amid the super-markdown bins of a beloved nearby craft store, the perfect craft paper pad summoned me, singing of its pastel, magical-themed glory. Because I suppose mermaids, unicorns, and tiny sparkling stars are “seasonal,” this collection cost me a mere $5 – a quarter of the original price.

The even more miraculous twist in this tale, though, occurred when I discovered that these papers perfectly matched some of my favorite washi tapes and embellishments, including this beautiful mint bird-patterned tape and Rifle Paper Co. labels – very kind gifts from my future sister-in-law! In fact, I’m so pleased by this absolutely superlative pairing of colors that I almost feel I’ve reached the zenith of my envelope design abilities. However will I best this next time?

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In addition to offering the ultimate envelope-making materials, my paper acquisitions also included some new pages that are ideal for photo backgrounds: even though I can’t blog too regularly during the semester, I would like to make some changes to my post aesthetics in 2018! What do you think about this subtle linear/floral design?

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I also wanted to address, briefly, one other blog change that you might have already noticed this year: I’ve decided, for now, to stop posting my incoming mail.

My dear pen pals, it’s not because I don’t love your incredible artistry: far from it! To be quite frank, though, in the last few months I’ve realized that my desire to document my incoming mail so meticulously has been impacting my ability to enjoy letters at all. In these winter months when I come home under the cover of darkness, I panic every time I receive an envelope at night: “I want to open this!,” I think, “but shouldn’t I wait until tomorrow so I can take a picture first?” And that’s really not what pen pal-ing should be about, right?

I think there’s a happy medium to be found, because I love following snail mail Instagrams and blogs and very much enjoy seeing the incoming mail that other people share. Maybe this brief break will allow me to figure out how to strike the proper balance, and, when the evenings grow light again, you might see the glorious return of the what’s in my mailbox posts!

Outgoing mail posts, of course, will continue as long as I have the energy to craft – and you can expect an introduction to the other designs from this fabled paper pad sometime soon…

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One thought on “outgoing mail: pure imagination

  1. IdleEmma January 29, 2018 / 10:39 am

    The pastel colours are making me wish for spring to hurry up and come!
    And I understand the whole thing about photographing mail I get that way with my snail mail too and even just whenever I buy things online and they arrive. I always feel the pressure to photograph things first before I open them.

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