all too Thun: scenes from Switzerland

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Now that seemingly eternal January has concluded at last, my journey through the cold land of engaging architecture feels even more distant – but I can’t let it slip away completely without sharing my first continental castle photographs!

My family spent a misty Christmas in Bern(e), Switzerland, and although it proved too overcast for quality Alp-spotting, the architecture appeared hauntingly beautiful against the wintry skies. These scenes document our holiday day-trip to neighboring Thun, where teal water and gold trim glistened festively!

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A river (which I believe might be the Aare?) runs through Thun into the lake that shares its name: and charming covered bridges facilitated our crossings.

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I could make a separate blog devoted exclusively to all my (potentially unnecessary) duck photographs!

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Thun Castle enchanted me from first glance: when I spotted it wedged between the roofs of otherwise normal buildings. Its sleek twelfth-century design and haunting towers place it within the coveted top five of my favorite castles!

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This elegant, stately building naturally reminded me of the Grand Budapest Hotel aesthetic.

thun switzerland (8 of 9)

As did the periwinkle and peach Schadau Castle, come to think of it!

thun switzerland (9 of 9)

I’ll leave you with a tragic, contemplative scene: had the fog not overwhelmed us, this probably would have been a stunning Alp lakescape. On the bright side, it does have a quiet splendor of its own – and now I have an excuse to come back in the summer!

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