the lord of the weddings: tolkienesque bridal charm bracelets

Tolkien wedding bracelet (3 of 6)Tolkien wedding bracelet (5 of 6)

With our wedding just over a month away (seriously!), I find myself overwhelmed with strange desires – a bizarre attachment to the notion of programs that double as hand-fans, a craving for customized bubble wands, and a yearning for a stereotypical T-shirt printed with some variation of “Bride.” (Even though I never wear T-shirts: not even Emily Dickinson ones.)

A little while ago, I became fixated on the notion of wearable gifts for the “wedding party” – which consists of me, my mom, and my sister – that would capture the spirit of the event and lend our appearances some small element of cohesion. I spent hours transfixed by the bridal charm bracelets on Etsy, but nothing really won me over: and, to be honest, I became quite convinced that I could make one myself.

Enter these Tolkien-inspired bracelets, which I cobbled together from bulk-bought charms curated by a whimsical eye!

Tolkien wedding bracelet (6 of 6)Tolkien wedding bracelet (2 of 6)

Perhaps it’s no great surprise that very few “Tolkien wedding” pre-made gifts or decor pieces exist on this vast Internet world. There remain, however, many fantastical beads that can be adapted to fit any whimsical woodland theme. The leaf isn’t quite a Leaf of Lorien, for example, but I think it would appeal to any forest-dwelling elf.

A peridot bead adds more sylvan sparkle to the bangle, and holds personal significance for me – two of the green gems complete the leafy circlet that forms my engagement ring. Plus, I also just learned that peridot is the jewelry-grade version of olivine: which the stones and soil in Volcano hold in great quantities. My sister and I used to eagerly sift through the dirt in our driveway in search of glimmering green flecks in the rocks.

Tolkien wedding bracelet (1 of 6)Tolkien wedding bracelet (4 of 6)

Of course, the “hobbit door” ties the entire Shire aesthetic together – I couldn’t believe my luck when I finally found those beads! I recommend searching alternative terms like “fairy door” if you too seek to wear Bag End on your wrist.

All being told, I spent about $20 total on supplies for the three bracelets, which seems like a steal to me. I will confess, however, that I’m still holding out for a heart-shaped bead engraved with my preciousss.

I bought my peridot beads, heart charms, and leaves from Loretta’s Beads and the hobbit doors from Blue Moon Flower Supplies – but there are loads of bead retailers on Etsy both inside and outside of the U.S.! You can get multipacks of bangles and jump-rings at most craft stores. How would you customize a charm bangle? 

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