journey through the mists

waterfall (4 of 5)waterfall (5 of 5)

Given that this post’s title can be considered an homage to the superior fourth installment in the Land Before Time saga of my youth, I’m naturally overwhelmed by the timeless qualities of these rain-soaked forest landscapes. With that broad, bold Monstera leaf big enough to shelter a small child from the elements (holes notwithstanding!), the towering banyan trees, and the glistening plateaus of thick uluhe fern clusters, the plant life surrounding this waterfall trek seems magically monumental in scale.

waterfall (1 of 5)waterfall (2 of 5)waterfall (1 of 1)waterfall (3 of 5)

Though I’m accustomed to the sky-life of growing up at 4000 feet above sea level, nothing delights me more than spotting a wayward “cloud” of mist drifting through the tops of the trees – creating the sensation of flying on earth.

Even when those clouds erupted into a cold forest downpour, my curiosity did not dampen at all! I peered out from under my umbrella with awed fascination, enjoying a layered harmony of bursting raindrops and the rushing falls nearby.

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