outgoing mail: my gallant star

celestial mail (5 of 8)celestial mail (7 of 8)celestial mail (6 of 8)

The almost-equitorial skies of my childhood dazzle me every time I return home. Thanks to the welcome lack of light pollution intervening between my eyes and the heavens, the sky sparkles with a clarity unmatched in any suburban setting.

I made these envelopes just before I left on my trip – during one fleeting moment of post-semester freedom! – and their stellar sensibility seemed to prefigure the celestial adventures awaiting me here…

celestial mail (4 of 8)celestial mail (8 of 8)

Though I’ve encountered many a charming paper pack in my years as a crafter, I think this particular space-themed set seems light-years ahead of its peers. It reminds me of my favorite semi-obscure word – sidereal – an adjective with Latinate origins that refers to stars and everything associated with them! (Check out the full etymology if you’re a curious word-nerd like me.)

celestial mail (3 of 8)celestial mail (2 of 8)

The most tragic part of my snail mail mini-hiatus last year? The fact that I barely used the glorious dragon stamps that my husband bought for me as a surprise! Without a doubt, the Postal Service should consider these serpentine stamps their crowning glory of 2018.

(By now, of course, I’ve used the entire sheet. Here’s hoping they don’t become as elusive and imaginary as their mythical counterparts anytime soon!)

2 thoughts on “outgoing mail: my gallant star

  1. IdleEmma January 8, 2019 / 9:14 am

    Dragon stamps – epic! xD

    • Mailbox Mermaid January 9, 2019 / 1:55 pm

      They’re so cool! I may not use any other stamps ever again, haha 😀

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