scenes from a sail

mini whales (2 of 7)whales and ocean (1 of 3)whales and ocean (3 of 3)

As someone who cultivates an association with the ocean throughout all she does, I must confess that I can count the number of times I’ve actually traversed the sea on one hand. Unlike the protagonists of The Wind in the Willows, I lack much experience with “messing about in boats.”

You can imagine, then, what a deeply moving and exhilarating experience I enjoyed on this recent sailing adventure during my trip home! Flat water, clear skies, and a few humpback whales passing through (captured in all their glory thanks to my zoom lens!) made for a most enchanting morning.

mini whales (5 of 7)

Looking at this photograph gives me the chills in the best of ways. Compared to the clouds and the gentle slope of the coastline in the distance, the water looks like an alien substance, radiant and animated in a way that my camera can hardly capture.

whales and ocean (2 of 3)

As much as I found myself inclined to gaze seaward, however, the pastel-tinged clouds at “A-Bay” looked equally spellbinding in the post-sunrise light. (Later that day, the skies became so cloudless that we could see every contour of distant Maui, our neighbor island, across the ocean…)

mini whales (4 of 7)

Like me when I’m lucky, the humpback whales return home to the Pacific in the winter months, and I felt very fortunate to catch some outstanding glimpses of their tails (and one full breach, viewed from a distance!) as we meandered through the bay. I only wish I could stay here as long as they do!

(I’ve submitted this photograph to a local research facility in the hopes that they will be able to recognize this particular whale – as humpbacks feature unique patterns on their tails! I’ll keep you posted if I find out that I’ve captured a whale celebrity on camera!)

One thought on “scenes from a sail

  1. IdleEmma January 11, 2019 / 11:02 am

    Jealous! It looks so peaceful there ^-^

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