thalassic literature

beach-day-7-of-7.jpgbeach day (5 of 7)

If anyone reading my blog ever finds themselves in a situation that requires them to draw, animate, or design a dragon (or other serpentine mythical creature), may I offer up the gently rippling textures of the Pacific ocean and its beaches as scale inspiration? The constant motion of the sand and sea on this stunning day by the water made me feel as though I had entered into the presence of some breathing leviathan, lurking just beneath my feet!

beach day (2 of 7)

The adjective “thalassic,” as used in my title, derives from Greek via French and describes anything connected to the ocean. I find the word to be stunningly onomatopoetic – doesn’t the soft rushing of the ssss capture the sound of water drawing back after a wavebreak?

beach day (4 of 7)

I love how the waves create facsimiles of themselves as they weather the wet sand.

beach day (1 of 7)

Even through this still photo, I can imagine with perfect clarity the sound of the water as it rushes over those rocks: can’t you?

beach day (6 of 7)

beach day (3 of 7)

You’ll forgive me for this incredibly stereotypical and overdone sunglasses-filter photo – but I very much enjoy the rosy perspective that these frames provide! Seen through this pink lens, the distant raft seems all the more tantalizing.

After this lovely respite back in my childhood home, I return to my landlocked life today. Even in the midst of winter, however, I hope to continue to document small aspects of the natural world that bring me joy.

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