romantic pins (4 of 5)romantic pins (1 of 1)

A note: like all my “pin reviews,” this is not sponsored in any way and merely reflects my desire to share my whimsical adventures in collecting small metallic works of art. Onward! 

I remember a brief period in my preteen life when all “friendship”-themed accessories – handmade bracelets, necklace pendants that matched, and of course the quintessential “broken-in-half” charms – absolutely transfixed me. Considering that I am now more than a decade away from being twelve, perhaps it’s a little unusual that I, a grown adult woman, wanted to share this set of pins with my grown adult sweetheart for Valentine’s Day…but I suppose I am more than a little unusual by nature.

And I can’t resist a good cetacean-themed accessory.

romantic pins (1 of 5)romantic pins (2 of 5)

Earlier this year, two of my favorite enamel pin designers joined forces to create one unified collective – Shop Shoal! The narwhal/beluga pair was among the first of their releases, and I have to confess that I bought this set instantly: I’ve just been saving it for Valentine’s Day since mid-January.

romantic pins (5 of 5)romantic pins (3 of 5)

As denizens of particularly chilly waters, belugas and narwhals share much in common – but I just learned today that they also make up the only two members of the family Monodontidae! Truly the perfect match.

Anyway, let me send my warmest affections to anyone who happens to be reading this post! (I realized after I wrote the frankly quite predictable title for this post that the Ocean Conservancy had a similarly-named article: because apparently it’s also World Whale Day this week. I suppose my impulse to buy narwhal and beluga pins must have been divine cetacean inspiration!)

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