floral chords

pressing flowers (3 of 6)pressing flowers (6 of 6)pressing flowers (1 of 6)

Dear friends,

Last year, for Christmas, my sister-in-law graced my life with a flower press – which is an unimaginably perfect present for me! (I aspire to practice the art of gift-giving in such a way that one gives people those particular items that they can’t understand why they don’t already have.)

Over the summer, when we started living in our new town, I began collecting what little blossoms I could find in our backyard and stashing them away in a sandwich of newsprint and card and wood. When we had to move house once more, I carried the still-full flower press with me, and a few months later, finally examined its brittle and beautiful contents.

I have never enjoyed the opportunity to look at flowers quite in the same manner as these photographs allow me to. There is something so familiar yet peculiar about the way the pressing has reduce their myriad layers and forms into something I could easily slide into an envelope. I hope taking a look at these blooms gives you a moment of calm today!

pressing flowers (4 of 6)pressing flowers (5 of 6)pressing flowers (2 of 6)

I enjoyed arranging these botanical specimens on squares of sheet music and scrapbook paper for these photos, but there are many projects that can be enlivened by a little dried flower art. Seal them up in contact paper for a transparent bookmark, book jacket, or extra-special envelope! Mount them on a bit of card and frame them!

Imagining what I might do with next summer’s flowers has given me a wonderfully distracting thought to look forward to in a time during which I find it very hard to escape day-to-day concerns.

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