About Me


what’s this all about?

Snail mail, style, and the sea – that’s the short answer, anyway!

I suppose you could call Mailbox Mermaid a lifestyle blog, since my lifestyle does indeed revolve around creative mail art and a quirky style of clothing best described as retro magical realism with a maritime twist. I also post about enamel pin collecting, visiting historic sites and museums around the world, and, inevitably, art history.

If you like admiring envelopes, think cephalopods are cute, and don’t mind frequent references to early modern seafaring history/cartography/linguistics mixed in with outfit-of-the-day posts, stick around!

which land-bound mermaid blogs here?

In my slightly-less-magical real life, I’m a graduate student researching Victorian fairy painting (no surprise there), but I’m equally drawn to the visual culture of maritime trade and the history of collecting (think sixteenth-century cabinets of curiosities).

…I could go on about that all day, though, so let’s move on! I grew up on an island and I will probably never be satisfied until I can live closer to the sea again. I can’t wait until modern remakes of Edwardian dresses come into vogue. And I’m engaged to marry someone I met through snail mail, so, you know, that’s pretty cool too.


how did you find your pen pals?

When I began my intrepid journey into the world of writing to strangers, I connected with potential pen pals through tumblr (see The Place for Pen Pals) and various tags (e.g. #penpalswanted) on Instagram. Since I created this blog, I’ve also started up some lovely correspondences with fellow WordPress mail bloggers! For safety purposes, I’ve always preferred browsing & responding to other pen pals’ posts on such websites rather than making my own “profile.”

Should you want to dip your toe into the world of letter-writing and mail art – and help bring joy to the life of someone who may need it! – I recommend checking out the MORE LOVE LETTERS project.

tweed dress (1 of 2)-2

will you be my pen pal?

I’m always so flattered when people want to write to me, but I must admit that I’ve slowed down on my snail mail (and blogging, to be honest) since I started my graduate program. Back when I worked full-time, I used to spend all of my evenings blissfully writing letters – and now I’m too busy studying Romanesque architecture or Dust Bowl landscape paintings to send mail more than once every few weeks.

That said, if you’ve read my blog and remain convinced that our correspondence would truly be one for the ages – and you happen to share many of my myriad historical and oceanic interests (and fall in the general age range of 25-35) – send me a nice long email introducing yourself! I’ll be happy to meet you even if we don’t become snail mail pen pals.