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Dear reader, 

To clarify–I’m not actually a mermaid. Hard to believe, I know! I am, however, a lifestyle blogger doing my part to keep the postal service afloat and defend my title as the most quirkily-dressed art historian out there.

I’d describe my general aesthetic as “retro magical realism”: I love all things vintage with a dreamy, fairy-tale (and often maritime!) twist. You’re likely to find me poring over a cabinet of curiosities in 50s-inspired attire or tripping eagerly to the post office in a sea-creature-print skirt. If you like admiring mail art, think cephalopods are cute, and don’t mind frequent references to early modern maritime history/cartography/linguistics mixed in with outfit-of-the-day posts, stick around!

And, if it suits you, you should talk to me about shell collecting, mythical creatures, Peter Pan collars, Arthur Rackham, Howl’s Moving Castle, Hudson River School paintings, a certain animated series about passing over various garden walls, and all things magical and anachronistic if you’d like to be friends–or pen pals!

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your blog looks amazing. So many of your “likes” I can absolutely agree on – including snail mail! I will always love handwritten letters and postcards. I keep them all in a box! A book a day is some achievement!! X

    • Oh, I’m so glad to found another person who is fond of letter-writing! I always loved writing to my friends and family, but my recent foray into the world of penpalling has seriously increased my snail mail habits, to my delight. I think it’s one of the healthiest and most rewarding hobbies I have, and I get so excited every time I have a new letter or person to write to! (Also, thank you so much for your wave of lovely comments! Really made my day :D)

      • Have you heard of a website that links you up with random people around the world, and you send postcards? So the idea is you build up a collection from all corners of the globe? I really want to do it! It’s called Postcrossing! And you are so welcome for the comments – your blog has me captivated!

  2. Hi Keely,

    I absolutely love your blog. We were wondering if you are a millennial (1980-2000). We would love to share your posts with our readers.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m about as millennial as can be (1993/age 22).Your blog sounds like an awesome resource for our generation, wow!

  3. Perfect! You should definitely check it out! We feature posts from some pretty great bloggers. We even have a section featuring details about some of the blogs we reblog from.

  4. Thank you for the follow.

    And I can sympathize about Hawai’i. I lived in Kailua-Kona for about eleven years until a layoff sent me back to the mainland in May. I’m a Colorado girl at heart, but I grew a large, loving, supportive ohana out on the Big Island, whom I miss dearly!

    Hawai’i was very good to me. I certainly miss her. (Don’t miss the hurricanes… but miss the rest!)

    • Oh, how wonderful to meet someone else who knows and loves the Big Island! I was so lucky to have grown up there and look forward to every chance I have to return. I have lots of fond memories of my family driving up to the Kona area from rainy Volcano for little vacations. Hope you get to go back some day–Hawai’i no kai oi!

  5. Hey there, so pleased you popped up on my notifications so I could check out this lovely blog of yours! I think you have possibly rolled everything I love into one beautiful place 🙂 Can’t wait to follow your posts and check out what you’re up to xxx

    • Oh, thank you! I’m really interested in your blog too and can’t wait to see more! we artsy vegetarian 20-somethings should stick together 🙂

  6. Thank you for following my blog. I am looking forward to reading future posts from you. I too, once had many, many pen pals all over the world. It was quite fun to write letters, and send packages out to people everywhere, and receive back. 🙂

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