outgoing mail: birds of america

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It’s been a rather fraught fall, folks! The boundaries that once demarcated “work” and “free time” for me have been completely obliterated, and as a result, I’ve fallen woefully behind in the activities that I enjoy the most – including blogging, writing letters, and appreciating autumn leaves. (Seriously! A recent tempest blew them all away before I even had the opportunity to experience at least one of my annual leaf photography marathons.)

Now that the bleak post-Daylight Savings days are upon us, I have found myself even more listless and melancholy. Here’s hoping that a restorative dose of letter-crafting might help me feel more like myself again!

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seventeen-mile drive


Yesterday, Western Massachusetts suffered a messy and miserable mix of sleet and snow and hail: so please believe that I’m taking any opportunity to send my mind back to California!

Of course, we couldn’t stop in the Monterey area without winding our way along the scenic Seventeen-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach. The afternoon began misty and grey (why is that so much more beautiful by the sea than among the gloomy bare trees of New England winters?) and blossomed into another glowing sunset.

And although I can’t teleport myself back to the other side of the country, at least you can follow me on a multi-mile journey around a meandering coastal road!

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4 hours in Boston, as told by ducks

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Though it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of big cities, I do enjoy brief expeditions into the parts of such civilization that I appreciate the most: museums, libraries, and public parks, to name a few. After a busy weekend oversaturated with standardized testing (which went surprisingly well!), I spent a short time in my nearest metropolis, brunchingĀ and visiting various pond-dwellers. I wouldn’t quite call duck photography a panacea for all GRE ills, but it certainly helped me recover a bit.

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The World on a Dress

world on a dress
Words can only begin to express how much I love the opening credits fromĀ Castle in the Sky, everyone’s favorite 80s pastoral steampunk delight (that has aged amazingly well!). A sepia-toned sequence of what appears to be illustrations from some printed manuscript, or travelogue, or old children’s book…all telling the story of Laputa’s past and grounding us in Miyazaki’s world before the adventure truly begins.

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