snail mail favorites: blast from the pastel

stationery haul (5 of 9)stationery haul (1 of 9)stationery haul (8 of 9)stationery haul (4 of 9)

With each passing day, my stationery choices make me even more of a parody of myself! Cactus cards? Soft pastel unicorn notepads-repurposed-for-letter-writing? Holographic mermaid folders? Thank you, popular culture, for supporting my unabashed childlike quirkiness with your school & pen pal supplies selections.

As we inch closer to grad school go-time, you can expect this blog to become a little bit more of a stationery oasis – as someone who takes any excuse to organize my life in a cute way, I am already neatly tucking away all of my registration paperwork into these ridiculous folders. Is it madness, or is it mermazing? Only time will tell.

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outgoing mail: desert dreaming

cactus mail (1 of 6)cactus mail (5 of 6)

It’s been a while since I created envelopes from a good ol’ pad of craft paper, right?

Apparently such pads are decreasing in popularity, as I purchased this summery set at about 25% of its original price. It’s certainly nothing compared to the thrift of magazine envelopes, but I suppose I can splurge $5 if the end result is this charmingly tropical!

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What’s In My Mailbox? Cactus in the Sky


Castles and cacti–what more could I ask for in a week’s worth of incoming mail?

When I photographed these beautiful envelopes last weekend, I couldn’t wait to sing their praises with my usual levels of snail-mail passion and panache: and then I fell ill a few days ago. Now I can barely manage more than a shaky “wow, letters are so lovely–so much lovelier than being sick.” Still, I’ll do my best to celebrate that loveliness anyway!

(Even if I just want to collapse on some grand four-poster bed in that imaginary castle my pen pal from Argentina drew for me…)

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What To Wear When…Pining for Plants

dis (1 of 5)

I’m in a terrarium state of mind these days. While I keep a tiny jungle of ivy and basil thriving in my room, I would love to add a few more succulents to my collection, creating a desert garden fit to survive a hot Amherst summer.

Clearly, that love of prickly plants has bled over into my wardrobe decisions–at least this minty shirt pairs perfectly with walks in the forest and days spent daydreaming of the day when I’ll have my own indoor solarium with pretty blossoms aplenty!

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