extreme enveloping: woodland wrapping paper

outgoing mail (6 of 7)outgoing mail (5 of 7)outgoing mail (1 of 7)

Hey, remember back in the days of yore when I wanted to make “creating envelopes out of unusual materials” a thing?

In November, I showed you, gleefully, the envelopes I’d crafted from a recycled roll of wallpaper, hoping to kick off a glorious new age of extensively eccentric envelope fabrication–and then I proceeded to spend the next eight months making envelopes out of nothing but magazine pages.

There’s no time like the present, though, and I’m happy to say that in my continued quest to catch up on all the pen pal letters I owe (if you’re still waiting on me, you should have yours soon!), I decided to turn my manufacturer’s eye to a new substance: wrapping paper. (Specifically, ridiculously cutesy forest creature wrapping paper probably designed for literal babies but I don’t particularly care.)

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Ceaseless Seahorses


(“Two posts in a row?!?” you might say upon reading this outfit recap. Well, yes: if all goes well, I hope to spend tomorrow traveling, so enjoy this Friday post a little early!)

Lately, I’ve really done my best to cut down on my clothing purchases. I have so many lovely dresses already, and I am trying to save as much as I can! Still, I have had my eye on this Hell Bunny seahorse slip dress for about five months now, and when it went on sale, finally, I considered it a self-Christmas present.

Thanks to the imminent arrival of the most recent “polar vortex” weather conditions, there’s no way I could wear this on the East Coast any time soon. I guess it’s lucky that I will be near the tropics within a few days: provided this weekend’s winter storm lets me escape New England without too much delay!

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School Supplies & Sea Turtles: Iwako Puzzle Erasers


Novelty erasers have always made me a little uncomfortable. Why would I want to take an adorable object in the form of a sweet creature and slowly erode it bit by bit to cover up my pencil-related mistakes? (You can imagine that I find the act of eating animal-shaped cookies quite challenging too.)

I spotted some whale shark erasers in a stationery store in Liverpool over the summer, and while I didn’t pick them up at the time (I was short on space and nearly out of pounds!), I’ve kept those erasers in my mind ever since. When I noticed a pack of sea life Iwako erasers on Amazon, though, I knew the time had come to add those whale sharks to my desktop aquarium! (And no, I don’t plan on ever using them for their intended purpose. They’re too cute!)

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What’s In My Mailbox? Advent-ageous


It’s December, 50% of my applications are complete, and I’m a week away from going home: so let the merry holiday mailing begin! I received my first festive parcel this week from Germany (thank you, Stephanie!) and am busily sending my own little envelopes of winter fun out into this wide world.

Of course, it’s been a little while since I last posted a mail haul, and I have a bit of a backlog of cute letters to show off. It was such a challenge to resist the urge to reply to these lovely mailings from England and the U.S. for so long, but after last week’s anarchy, I’m enjoying some restful letter-writing time at last. (And, in fact, I’ve now responded to all three of the letters featured here!) Joy to the world, truly.

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If Wishes Were Seahorses…Fairytale Collars Review


If you were to graph the intensity of my love for Peter Pan collars over time, it would probably look like an exponential growth function. No matter that it’s been nearly four years since I first fell in love with this strange, rounded-lapel style: I just can’t get enough of them.

Of course, most of the Peter Pan collars I encounter are your run-of-the-mill dress-toppers. But what if there existed a magical type of collar that featured marine life or forest creatures or a sequined night sky?

Enter Fairytale Collars, an Instagram business that features the gorgeous creations of a sewing enchantress: whimsical accessories for clients like me who obstinately insist that being an adult doesn’t necessarily entail dressing in drab colors and the dreaded “business casual.” She lists ready-made collars for sale on a regular basis (though they disappear QUICKLY!) and also provides custom orders for those whose fingers aren’t speedy enough to catch one in time (i.e. yours truly).

I am absolutely in love with this sweet collar, and I will mention, as usual, that I bought it myself and am writing about it in my honest-and-Pollyannaish way. (My one disclaimer is that I am just about guaranteed to adore anything with a pink seahorse on it, so…just keep that in mind.)


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pin it to win it: my brooch collection begins


I know we’re living in an age when literally everything is described as a part of a curatorial process (tumblr blogs! playlists! your newsfeed!)…but honestly, acquiring pins really does make you feel a little like a curator or collector.

I’ve always thought that if I suddenly struck it rich I’d invest some of my wealth in contemporary art, maybe picking up some works on paper or small sculptures here and there. In the meantime, I can capture the same feeling in miniature by gathering together a careful selection of brooches: supporting independent businesses and emerging artists at a minor cost my budget can handle!


You may have encountered them before–especially if you follow me on instagram!–but please allow me to introduce you, formally, to my ever-growing pin family!

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Rainbow Sherbet

mintehminteh again

Sometimes you just need to dress up like you’re going to an ice cream social for unicorns, you know? Though I enjoy crafting elegant-yet-office-appropriate vintage styles during the week, I save my wildest pastel ensembles for slow-paced Sundays. The fairy-tale glamour comforts me even when I have no one with whom to attend, like, a magical realism garden party*.

Anyway, since I’m from Hawai’i, you’re more likely to find me enjoying a rainbow shave ice than its equally spectrum-hued sherbet equivalent–but the minty, pastel hues of that ice-cream pretender fit so well with my personal aesthetic!

*(In case you were wondering, my dream magical-realism garden party guests would be Borges, Salman Rushdie, Helen Oyeyemi, and Aimee Bender (in charge of the cake, of course).

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