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aquarium (2 of 5)aquarium (5 of 5)

Sometimes you just need to escape to Long Island Sound for a day and spend some quality time hanging out with eels and jellies and delicate pipefish and sea dragons, you know?

My “year of aquariums” (I’ve visited four so far!) continued this weekend with a trip to an institution in Connecticut that claims the title of the “best aquarium in New England”–and as I happen to have visited all the other aquariums in New England, I tend to agree. I appreciated the focus on the local ecosystems of Connecticut waters and the opportunity to take my best photograph of a moray eel yet! (You’ll have to click through to see him in all his glory: though if elongated, toothy fish don’t charm you as much as they do me, perhaps you should sit this one out…)

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Western* MA Wanderings | Milling About Lowell



If there’s one thing I’ve come to associate with Massachusetts, it’s industrial history. My journeys through North Adams, Easthampton, and now Lowell have all immersed me in the histories of  former mill and factory towns.

Lowell is one of the largest cities in the state, but its historical district–at once both city and National Monument–is a fascinating synthesis of past and present.

*Technically, this is more like Eastern MA, but I’m always wandering from the Pioneer Valley, so perhaps that counts!

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