Weekend Weird Nostalgia: Stardust Classics Dolls


Like many children growing up in the late 90s and early 00s, I spent a good portion of my youth dreaming about American Girl Dolls. I’ve loved historical fiction since before I was old enough to go to school, and the idea of a vaguely historical book series accompanied by matching dolls and outfits was absolute heaven to me.

The thing about American Girl Dolls, though? In 2001 or so, they were about the cost equivalent of buying your kid an iPhone would be today. High prices beyond belief!

Enter the Stardust Classic Dolls by the company “Just Pretend,” the more budget-friendly 18-inch dolls I received as a child instead of the costlier American Girls. The Stardust Classics were off-brand variant of the American Girl style–but with more time travel and all-female species of woodfairies who are born out of flowers (?!?) and utopian princess kingdoms.

To be honest, that sounds more like my kind of thing than American Girl, doesn’t it?

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Sylvan Stationary (or, Notecards from the Nonexistent Forest)



As I may have said before, I’ve always held romanticized ideas about the stereotypical “woodland” environments of North America & Europe. Imagined visions of the forests of more temperate biomes–home to foxes, great horned owls, squirrels, and other fauna –have captured my heart since I was very young.

Luckily, my pen pals understand this strange fascination of mine! It just so happens that “whimsical, stylized woodland animals” is apparently a thing these days…and my collection of stationary that fits said theme has seen some new additions in the past few days! Continue reading