rose-y cotton

rose sweater (4 of 4)rose sweater (1 of 4)

The advent of floral embroidered sweaters has changed my life in so many wonderfully palpable ways. In prior years of my Mainland exile, I’d feared the approach of winter and the need to replace thin, pastel cardigans with (to my mind) unappealing, bulky knitwear – now I can carry my flowers with me until spring appears again! (They also serve as the perfect complement to cotton sundresses that I should really retire until April but, realistically, will continue to wear until such habits of dress become physically impossible!)

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Packing in Pastel

pink (2 of 6)pink (1 of 6)

What do you pack for a springtime vacation? As I began preparations for an upcoming trip, I realized that for a girl with a dragon’s hoard for dresses, I somehow have almost no tops. I’m attempting to go a little minimalist on this trip, and thought shirts and skirts might be a better solution than a bag full of dresses: but that requires owning shirts in the first place!

Luckily enough, some clever clearance shopping has brought me a near-complete pastel wardrobe that should fit compactly into a carry-on.

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