what’s in my mailbox? mail marathon, pt. I

art nouveau mail (3 of 10)art nouveau mail (9 of 10)art nouveau mail (2 of 10)

I might not have been the fastest at writing letters (or blogging) these past few months, but I’ve certainly enjoyed reading and enjoying all the mail that found its way to me! It might take me a few posts to explore all of these works of art in detail, but I’m up for the challenge!

Speaking of art (when am I not?), I’ll kick off this first half of my mail marathon with a few Art Nouveau/nineteenth-century inspired styles!

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what’s in my mailbox? a tale of two time periods

seahorse mail (1 of 9)seahorse mail (4 of 9)

Wondering where I’ve been this past week? If you’ve ever had to experience the joy of wisdom teeth surgery, I’m sure I needn’t say more. I survived, though, and in the meantime, received some beautiful letters that I read after emerging from the mental fog of oral surgery!

As I rest and weep and wait for that far-off day when I can eat carrots and blue corn chips again, I have plenty of vintage-inspired mail to keep me company. I say “vintage-inspired,” but what I really mean is “one letter that looks genuinely vintage, as in styled after a kind of mod 60s look, while the other reminds me of nineteenth-century natural history.” Pretty cool either way!

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Adventure is out there!


If you want to keep me entertained for hours on end, just put me in front of a map. I’m not sure quite what it is about these weird, flat representations of our spherical Earth that fascinate me so much: but in the age of GPS and iPhone navigators, I’d still prefer an atlas any day. (Especially if it’s an equal-area map and not the Mercator projection! SIGH.)

Even if you don’t care about my map nerdery, though, you should appreciate my vintage-map-print dress from Bonne Chance Collections. You might remember it from an earlier post in April, when I complained about how the bodice/waist was awkwardly too big for me! Luckily a cropped cardigan like this one seems to offer a good solution.

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a time before forever: stamps & ephemera from the early 2000s


Remember the days before non-denominational Forever stamps, when each increase in postal prices would send us rushing to the post office for penny-stamps to make up the difference? Honestly–I don’t, completely. USA forever stamps showed up around 2007, when I was a young teen, and I didn’t exactly handle too much postage in my youth.

Luckily for me, though, my mom kindly sent me a crafty care package that brought me back to those early days of twenty-first century snail mail! I’m not sure where she uncovered these old-school stamps, but I can’t wait to carefully calculate how many of them I’ll need to match 2016 letter rates…

(Please note: the nautilus postcard is quite obviously not a stamp, but so perfectly in line with my interests that I couldn’t bear to exclude it from this photo-shoot.)

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Letter-Writing Lit: Griffin & Sabine

book (1 of 7)book (4 of 7)book (7 of 7)

Though I make a habit of consuming lengthy, sweeping tomes with tiny serif-font text as a part of my everyday reading, there’s still nothing I love more than a clever, succinct, gorgeously illustrated “picture book.”

I fell in love with Nick Bantock’s eerily beautiful snail-mail spectacular, Griffin and Sabine, when I was in college–its closing lines still haunt me!–so I was delighted to find a copy of the book and one of its many sequels at a recent library sale. If you’re an art or literature nerd and a letter-writing fan: boy, have I got the book for you.

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Cambrian Cuties: Science Lessons from 1942

book (5 of 9)book (3 of 9)book (2 of 9)

The only thing better than a well-stocked used book sale is a well-stocked used book sale with a free bin. After buying my fair share of gorgeous volumes at a local like-new literary extravaganza this weekend, I stopped by a table of unwanted scraps and paperbacks, ready to glean to my heart’s content.

It’s appropriate that I had to basically excavate my way through the Burgess Shale of coffee-stained romance novels and old sheet music to find this incredible treasure: a natural history book for kids from 1942. As a girl who loves vintage children’s illustrations as much as she loves Tiktaalik, I am delighted by this rare opportunity to peek back a few decades–and aeons!

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What’s In My Mailbox? | From Galaxies Far, Far Away

for blog (16 of 23)for blog (2 of 23)

Color me surprised that the U.K. boasts a set of Star Wars stamps while my home country does not! (At least, not at the moment–there were a set of commemorative stamps from a galaxy far, far away back in 2007, but they’re well out of date by now.) At any rate, my newest pen pal from across the pond, whom I met through IGGPPC, was kind enough to make sure the force was with her first letter to me. Han Solo’s far-off gaze and delicately rendered face looks straight out of a Dutch Golden age portrait–though is that really so bad?

Other visitors to my mailbox over the past few weeks flew in from Germany and Australia!

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