what’s in my mailbox? go and catch a falling star

mail (1 of 6)mail (2 of 6)

Never has a mail haul so inspired me to quote John Donne! I know I tend to describe basically everything stamped that’s sent my way as “magical,” but these letters are enchanting in the most unique of ways. Mythical creatures of all kinds have traveled to me from Argentina, Iceland, Norway, and the U.K. over the past few weeks!

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a very Pre-Raphaelite Halloween


What do you call a redhead without a Halloween costume? Instant Pre-Raphaelite. I didn’t have the chance to come up with a fancy ensemble this year (as much as I wanted to be, like, pin-up BB-8 or something), so I decided to emulate my favorite school of painting instead. Luckily for me, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was semi-obsessed with mystical gingers and I have a magical forest right at my fingertips!

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Fins & Pins! Unicorn Crafts Review


Everyone’s abuzz about pins these days–it feels like it’s 2003 again! As a lifelong brooch appreciator, I’m perfectly happy that these colorful little accessories are back in style and readily available. Enamel pins in particular may be all the rage, but I actually prefer the look of acrylic/resin ones myself: for whatever reason, they’re usually slightly larger and perfectly sized to fit on the lapel of a Peter Pan collar!

One creator of pretty laser-cut pins is the lovely Unicorn Crafts, a California-based designer who makes whimsical jewelry and accessories that are perfect for a fairy-tale dreamer like me. While browsing her wares on Instagram, I encountered this incredible mermaid pin (who’s even hugging a tiny octopus!) and knew we were meant to be. Come and marvel along with me as I open up this candy-colored mailing and the sweet siren it contained!

(Here’s my usual disclaimer–I bought this with my own money and my opinions are unendorsed and unbiased. I just like to share small businesses that I love!)

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Jewelry Wizardy: MadMarchMoon Dragon Earrings Review

Dragons and Valentines (22 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (20 of 28)

There’s one thing I can say about the rise of social media: it certainly makes gift-giving a lot easier.

Last October, I found an amazing tumblr post showing off unbelievably beautiful 3D dragon jewelry, and I reblogged it almost instantly. As it turns out, someone was taking note!

Imagine my complete surprise when I opened a gift from my boyfriend on Christmas morning to find the gossamer dragon earrings of my dreams from Mad March Moon Designs!

(Predictable disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review, and all of my love for these dragons is honest and my own. I just want to tell the world about them, and celebrating small business/artists who create beautiful [dragon-related] things is important to me!)

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Quick Fiction Reviews: January 2016



Every year, I resolve to read more–because why not? I spent my childhood devouring books in a matter of hours, returning from the library with my dragon-print bag packed with tens of appealing volumes. College destroyed all of my chances of reading for fun over the course of a couple of years, but I’ve been making a comeback ever since.

My book tastes are so specific that I sometimes can go through weeks of reading without finding something that really appeals to me. So far, though, January 2016’s reading list has been filled with clever characters, delicate gems of prose, and uplifting stories with just a touch (or more!) of magic…

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Weekend Weird Nostalgia: Stardust Classics Dolls


Like many children growing up in the late 90s and early 00s, I spent a good portion of my youth dreaming about American Girl Dolls. I’ve loved historical fiction since before I was old enough to go to school, and the idea of a vaguely historical book series accompanied by matching dolls and outfits was absolute heaven to me.

The thing about American Girl Dolls, though? In 2001 or so, they were about the cost equivalent of buying your kid an iPhone would be today. High prices beyond belief!

Enter the Stardust Classic Dolls by the company “Just Pretend,” the more budget-friendly 18-inch dolls I received as a child instead of the costlier American Girls. The Stardust Classics were off-brand variant of the American Girl style–but with more time travel and all-female species of woodfairies who are born out of flowers (?!?) and utopian princess kingdoms.

To be honest, that sounds more like my kind of thing than American Girl, doesn’t it?

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