what’s in my mailbox? mail marathon pt. 2

mail maraton II (1 of 10)mail maraton II (8 of 10)mail maraton II (5 of 10)

Both flowers and ghosts seem woefully out of season by this point, but far be it from me to let my irregular blogging schedule keep them out of the spotlight!

My new patented Grad School Mail Schedule™ (i.e., writing approximately one million letters at once during any break from courses) means that I receive letters in bulk too — I haven’t had much mailbox activity since I caught up on my mail over Thanksgiving. Fortunately, I still have some gorgeous September and October mail to show off: how time flies!

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rose-y cotton

rose sweater (4 of 4)rose sweater (1 of 4)

The advent of floral embroidered sweaters has changed my life in so many wonderfully palpable ways. In prior years of my Mainland exile, I’d feared the approach of winter and the need to replace thin, pastel cardigans with (to my mind) unappealing, bulky knitwear – now I can carry my flowers with me until spring appears again! (They also serve as the perfect complement to cotton sundresses that I should really retire until April but, realistically, will continue to wear until such habits of dress become physically impossible!)

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outfit of the [yester]day: “a Moth the hue of this”

moth pin (2 of 4)

One’s sartorial taste can change and evolve for many reasons: lately, I am tempted to decree that all future clothing purchases must match this beautiful moth pin, which was given to me by someone very special for my birthday. I don’t really have much that complements the “kinda Art Deco insect” aesthetic at the moment, but in an ideal world I’d be able to wear it every day!

(Does that mean I’ll start wearing black for the first time in like five years? Probably not! Luckily, it seems I can get away with golds and creams for now!)

Update: I had some comments wondering about this pin’s provenance – and I too wanted to know! – so I consulted with my boyfriend and he pointed me in the right direction. Check out this store for all your celestial moth needs!

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What’s In My Mailbox? Here Comes the Sun

mail (1 of 8)mail (6 of 8)

Autumn is just around the corner–but the summery snail mail I received this week proves that the hottest months aren’t quite over yet! After two weeks of a mostly-empty mailbox (mostly my fault, as I sent out a bunch of letters all at the same time instead of staggering them!), I was delighted to find gorgeous envelopes from some of the pen pals with whom I correspond the most: from Nevada, Germany, and Ireland.

(Yes, you’ve seen snail mail artistry by all three of them on my blog many times before–have you given them code names yet?)

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What’s In My Mailbox? Poetry Party

horiz (4 of 8)horiz (8 of 8)

Though I celebrated my birthday last Friday, the real party started this week, when I enjoyed a very full mailbox. Because this mail haul features, by coincidence, a few shared themes (poets, flowers, intricate designs), I thought I’d take a little walk and photograph the letters out in nature. Sunny Solstice days with plenty of shade are perfect for letter-writing and poetry-reading, anyway!

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Button-Back to the Future

For blog short (4 of 4)more short (17 of 22)

Behold–one of those suddenly trendy button-back dresses! I don’t know what it is about that style that makes me feel so blissful and nostalgic: maybe I had a few backwards button-ups of my own in my youth. Who can say?

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to clothes that remind me of sunny days & the sea: loose, comfortable sundresses with floral prints and lots of color. It’s summer on the Mainland, and while I’m certainly rejoicing–no more winter!–I also just wish I could go home. I miss the Big Island in the summer (when the weather is just slightly hotter and drier than it is in December). I miss seeing seeing the fine line of the Pacific while driving down from Volcano to Hilo; hiking through the more forested, shadier trails around the caldera; and eating mochi ice cream (or shave ice with mochi and ice cream!). If I can’t have the Big Island, I’d even pop over to O’ahu and spend a day in way-too-touristy Waikiki if it meant seeing the ocean again!

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Craft Haul: O brave new world/that has such washi tape in’t!

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Over the course of the year-and-some that I’ve been writing letters, I have witnessed a certain chain craft retailer’s washi tape selection improved dramatically. Last year, I was lucky to find a weird roll of  glittery “Craft Paper Tape” for five bucks. These days, though, you can purchase a whole tube of tapes for $10: a price that I sliced in half this weekend thanks to some clever couponing. If these springy tapes won’t keep the snow away, I don’t know what else could!

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