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If by your art, my dearest father, you have

put the wild waters in this roar, allay them!

So spake I while living my theatrical dreams as a seventeen-year-old playing Miranda in a college production of The Tempest. I’m very fond of this isolated island castaway and the brave new world she discovers, and it’s probably no surprise that I still have most of her lines memorized: including the bold opening speech in which she begs her wizard-father to stop the darn storm that he’s churned up. Seriously, Prospero, someone’s going to write a play about this all now.

This $3 thrift-store dress (it was sold to me as a shirt, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s just a really short dress? Or maybe I’m just too flexible in my clothing classifications) immediately reminded me of Miranda. Perhaps it’s the open-shoulder design, which might appeal to a daughter of a noble-sorcerer who needs her full range of motion to survive on a mysterious island. In any case, I was happy to play Prospero and develop the illusion still further by adding on a few maritime accessories!

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Evolution of a Vintage Girl | My Childhood Style

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Now that I’m a veritable ancient mariner in my early 20s (ha!), I enjoy looking back at the various ways in which my style has changed and developed over the past few decades. Even though I’ve moved through several phases of fashion evolution so far (including some terrible teen “nature shirts and distressed jeans” years which I won’t discuss here…), it’s funny how much of my current vintage-inspired, pastel-hued, dreamy and romantic style can be traced back to my early childhood. At age six, I loved fairy folklore, pink, flowers, and big, lacy dresses: and at age twenty-two, very little has changed!

Inspired by a recent journey into my personal archives, here’s a compendium of trends I loved as a kid which, somehow, I’m still wearing today. Get ready for a trip into the rose-tinted world of being a magic-loving girl in the 90s!

(The adorable picture above–featuring my amazing sister on the right and me in pink on the left!–shows that my love for all things pastel existed from a very young age. The jellies + ankle socks combo, on the other hand, would be better included in a true April Fool’s Day post…)

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What to Wear When…Woodsy & Wild

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I’m sure all of my fellow style bloggers started out by inevitably facing the most embarrassing, terrifying challenge of all: taking outfit photos by yourself in a public place. When I’ve done outdoor shoots in the past, I’ve always had a photographer accompanying me. Having a friend around definitely reduces the worry of what will these strangers think of me dancing around while pretending to be an ethereal-fairy-forest-girl? 

It’s spring, though, and I have a new tripod and a closet full of magical outfits to assemble–so crowds or not, it’s time for me to go outside!

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