walking with dinosaurs

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Nothing says “cute lifestyle blogger aesthetic” like a series of photos of open-mawed animatronic dinosaurs, right?

Last weekend, I took a road trip four states over for an important family event–that also included an obligatory stop at a certain Pennsylvania attraction that we’d been eyeing for years. It’s probably no secret that, like the eight-year-old I am at heart, I have a soft spot for all things saurian, and this outdoor jungle of prehistoric beasts sent me into a glorious state of raptor–I mean, rapture.

(Also, yes, in case you were wondering: I did indeed wear my dinosaur dress.)

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Pathless Woods

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Hello from England, my friends! I’m writing this post as one still jet-lagged and bewildered (even after eleven hours of sleep!), but couldn’t wait to show a few photos of my first day of adventures here.

You wouldn’t think that tropical Hawai’i and the British Isles have too much in common–and yet there were moments during this first forest expedition when I recognized similar plants and natural features like old friends. Ferns and gorse and unexpected showers: sounds just like Volcano to me!

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In Emily’s Garden

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A Bird, came down the Walk –
He did not know I saw –
He bit an Angle Worm in halves
And ate the fellow, raw,
And then, he drank a Dew
From a convenient Grass –
And then hopped sidewise to the Wall
To let a Beetle pass –
After two years of living in the Pioneer Valley, I had only visited the Emily Dickinson Museum–the former home of a poet whose works have entranced me since childhood–twice. Both pilgrimages took place during grey October days, when the grounds were already showing slight traces of frost.
My visit to the museum this past weekend, however, showed me the truest glimpse into Emily’s world I may ever experience. The gardens that so influenced her writing were in full bloom, and I found myself wandering and wondering, trying to capture a sense of this shy yet intellectually feisty writer whom I identify as a real kindred spirit, even though we were born centuries apart.

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Italy Preview: Bologna!

If you’ve been following my Instagram,  you may already have enjoyed a taste of my orange-hued explorations in northern Italy. Though this weekend I’m heading to the coast to hike the seaside route of my dreams, I spent my first few Italian days in “la rossa”: Bologna.
I don’t have my computer and can’t upload photos from my DSLR, but wanted to share some more colorful shots in the meantime until I return stateside next week!

Anubis doing his thing at a wonderful Egyptian art exhibition in Bologna’s archaeological museum.

Though the city is historically fascinating, this view was all a country girl like me could ask for!

There are so many secret gardens, walled courtyards, and rooftop terraces hidden in every building.

If I ever felt like grey, wintry New England was depriving me of the warm side of the color spectrum, Bologna has more than cured my deficit.

And the street art is plentiful, too!

Like this 14th-century gryphon, I’ll no doubt be very cranky and exhausted by the time I return: but I can’t wait to share my travels with all of you!

Have you ever visited Bologna or Italy in general? I’d love to hear any stories or memories you have to share!