Writing in the Woods: A Stationery Roundup for Forest Dwellers


Fall approaches, the mornings are misty, and Over the Garden Wall (only my favorite show of all time) just won the Emmy for “Outstanding Animated Program”–what a time to be a fan of all things forest!

This is my first foray into writing a links roundup, but I’ve been bookmarking so many delightful, woodsy items lately that I just had to share them with someone. If you’re fond of leaves and dappled sunlight and love the aesthetic of pines, cable-knit sweaters, and exposed wood branches, this is the stationery wishlist for you!

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What’s in my Mailbox? | Random Acts of Stationery


random acts of stationery

Rather like a certain Mr. Baggins, I experienced a kind of unexpected party just a few days ago while checking my mail: a large package from a pen pal I’ve been getting to know for nearly half a year. Though there wasn’t a dwarf or wizard in sight, I was delighted to discover an incredibly generous treasure trove of stationery, featuring a real positivity-blast of bright and colorful designs. On a day when I really needed a little cheer, this not-so-random act of kindness overwhelmed me–while simultaneously feeding my stationery addiction.

(And it’s certainly a lovelier birthday present than Gollum’s…)

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I Want to be Where the Letters Are


mermaid mail

Whether you’re fond of sirens, Melusine, or any of the countless examples of sea-folk mythology that have sprung up over the past few thousand years (from the Assyrian Empire to Ariel), there’s no denying that mermaids have swum their way into a permanent place in popular culture. And that includes scrapbooking supplies, apparently!

As a lifelong fan of the sea and all its denizens, real and imaginary, I couldn’t resist the temptation to feature mermaids as the theme for this week’s outgoing mail.  Here’s hoping their melodious, enchanting voices will guarantee a fast delivery!

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Wish You Were Then

“Feeding Chipmunk at Seven Falls in South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colo.”

Unsent, blank postcards from decades past are my favorite thing to discover in a secondhand store. I love exploring these scraps of other people’s adventures, wondering who might have chosen each now-abandoned postcard. Was it, for example, a child, spending seemingly hours deliberating because her pocket money could only cover one little souvenir? Or someone with a child in mind, buying stacks of postcards from each place that he or she had to visit without the family?

There’s really no way of knowing, of course: but the mystery certainly adds an additional layer of enjoyment to my most recently acquired stack of postcards from the past!

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Days of Future Pastel


days of future paste 2l

Like Thor and the Midgard Serpent, my craft table and I are always fated to meet in battle (perhaps until the end of the world). As my collection of snail mail supplies multiplied over the past few months, I’ve struggled to contain it and keep it organized. Washi tape, paper stacks, scraps from old magazines, stickers and ephemera–it’s a little too much for one small space!

For this reason, I haven’t acquired any new supplies in a while: but occasionally I’ll discover an irresistible assortment of paper goods in a charity shop or thrift store and my legions of materials will simply have to grow once more.

(And if everything’s in a cheerful, pastel-ish hue? So much the better!)
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Red Letter Day


The one thing that continues to astound me about the snail mail community (besides, you know, the sheer fact that it’s actually a thing) is the kindness and generosity of each one of the kindred spirits with whom I exchange letters. Yesterday I came home to an early surprise–the birthday-ish parcel that my long-distance friend in Germany had hinted was on its way had arrived a bit sooner than expected! As soon as I saw that little package, my day brightened tenfold: if my happiness were a shade of red, it would have transformed from a pale, tired red to the cheerful cherry of the box itself.

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Sylvan Stationary (or, Notecards from the Nonexistent Forest)



As I may have said before, I’ve always held romanticized ideas about the stereotypical “woodland” environments of North America & Europe. Imagined visions of the forests of more temperate biomes–home to foxes, great horned owls, squirrels, and other fauna –have captured my heart since I was very young.

Luckily, my pen pals understand this strange fascination of mine! It just so happens that “whimsical, stylized woodland animals” is apparently a thing these days…and my collection of stationary that fits said theme has seen some new additions in the past few days! Continue reading