snail mail favorites: blast from the pastel

stationery haul (5 of 9)stationery haul (1 of 9)stationery haul (8 of 9)stationery haul (4 of 9)

With each passing day, my stationery choices make me even more of a parody of myself! Cactus cards? Soft pastel unicorn notepads-repurposed-for-letter-writing? Holographic mermaid folders? Thank you, popular culture, for supporting my unabashed childlike quirkiness with your school & pen pal supplies selections.

As we inch closer to grad school go-time, you can expect this blog to become a little bit more of a stationery oasis – as someone who takes any excuse to organize my life in a cute way, I am already neatly tucking away all of my registration paperwork into these ridiculous folders. Is it madness, or is it mermazing? Only time will tell.

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“Can We Get Back to Snail Mail, Please?”


One of my favorite mini-moments* in Hamilton takes place in “The Election of 1800,” a song that directly follows one of the most heart-rending numbers in the show. Tired by this preceding emotional journey, Thomas Jefferson starts by sassily saying “Can we get back to politics?”–and a clearly tearful Madison desperately adds “Please?”

Actually, I’m basically doing my best to avoid getting back to politics at the moment, but I think these lines apply equally well to my snail mail hiatus! I received a postal bin full of letters (seriously, there were too many to fit in my mailbox!) when I came home from my trip, which normally would delight me: except extenuating circumstances made me so morose and not-quite-in-the-letter-writing-mindset that I let many gorgeous envelopes remain unopened for weeks.

No longer, though: this snail mail blogger is back in action! And I’m so glad to have returned, because the mail that awaited me warmed my sad heart as much as the Hamilton soundtrack does.

*insert obligatory “this is not a [mini-]moment, it’s the [mini-]movement” here!

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Pastel Survival Kit

mail (6 of 6)mail (3 of 6)

Happy September from a particularly frantic blogger! I’m currently in the midst of running some exceptionally large-scale programs at work, so you can imagine that I am taking extra steps to soothe my weary soul at the end of each day. (Museum fatigue is a thing, you guys!)

While I’m enjoying every minute of this program, I’m also looking forward to relaxing after its successful completion and returning to my usual weekend activities of letter-writing and sunset-watching. In the meantime, though, here’s a quick peek into some of the essential (and aqua-hued) items keeping me afloat!

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