planning the spring sea-mester

christmas mail (7 of 7)christmas mail (3 of 7)

Though I cannot in any way profess to be one of those talented planner folks who create works of art in tiny week-by-week boxes, I do get a lot of mileage out of my own organizational tools: after all, I’m a grad student, a TA, and a snail mail-er who enjoys carefully cataloguing every letter I send and receive.

I use a bullet-journal style notebook for to-do lists and keeping track of assignments, but I’m happy to have this larger planner to maintain a sense of the bigger picture.

(I’m typing sentences like that last one in an attempt to convince you that there are many logical reasons supporting my ownership of this planner, but let’s be real — I’m mostly in it for the mermaids.)

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Stationery Haul: Plan Sea

planner (5 of 6)planner (2 of 6)

There are certainly some quirks of living in a small college town when you’re a postgrad/young professional–I’m already nervously eyeing the massive walls of spherical lounge chairs and plastic bins that have overtaken the local Target in preparation for the Orientation influx.

At the same time, though, the academic environment also means that retailers are apt to restock their stationery supplies to prepare for the start of the school year: which is how I ended up with my first full-size planner! I don’t quite have the skills to make planning a work of art (like many bloggers I admire do)…but man, how could I resist those waves? Everyone knows that azure waters and meaningless typographical platitudes are the way to my heart!

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