snail mail successes of 2017

all that is gold does not glitter ♡ parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme 

billions & billions of stars species speaking  woodland wrapping paper

desert dreaming ♡  birds of america  all’s well that ends shell

I boast no particular pride of the speed at which I replied to letters this year (particularly after I began my master’s degree–so it goes!), but I am quite fond of the mail art designs I sent around the world whenever I had a moment to spare. It’s quality over quantity, I hope!

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Return of the String (of Postcards)

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Recently, I found myself once again in the possession of a “craft empire”–a.k.a. a vacant spare bedroom stuffed to the brim with letter-writing supplies. It’s a cozy room with a window looking out into (seriously, into) a tree; it reminds me of a hobbit hole or the Rat’s home from Wind in the Willows in the best of ways. I’ve found myself even more grateful for this little safe space over the past few days, a place where I can immerse myself in writing and creating and try to keep my focus on the wind and the leaves and my resident squirrel.

The most exciting part, though, is that my pride and joy, the postcard clothesline, has returned! Light the beacons of Gondor! I love being able to see so many pieces of the world lining my walls, and it’s a snap to construct and maintain (provided you have some strong thumbtacks and relatively light bits of ephemera). Read on for a peek at my favorite in-house mail art exhibition…

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Strawberry Mail Forever

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To answer the massive amount of mail I received earlier this week, I needed an army. 

Luckily, my Italian travels also included a quick stop at a much-celebrated Danish stationery store where I resisted buying a tapir eraser, a plush salmon, and a giant notebook emblazoned with the solar system. It was impossible to avoid the charms of this strawberry-themed paper pack, though–so my outgoing mail just became a lot more summery!

(Considering how much fragola-flavored gelato I consumed in Italy, I’d say it’s fate.)

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Outgoing Mail: Rainbows and Ruins


Ever since I started my grand penpaling journey, I’ve found that I spend most of my trips and adventures getting excited to recount my travels through letters upon my return. When I came back from DC, this excitement was increased twofold–I was eager both to share some of the little souvenirs I picked up and to just get back into writing letters again for the first time in weeks. (Thanks, carpal tunnel.)

These two envelope designs capture two strong aspects of my personality (that many of my pen pals share): my love for all things cheerful and rainbow-hued, and a more sober, scholarly affection for archaeological history and Pre-Columbian art.

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