rose-y cotton

rose sweater (4 of 4)rose sweater (1 of 4)

The advent of floral embroidered sweaters has changed my life in so many wonderfully palpable ways. In prior years of my Mainland exile, I’d feared the approach of winter and the need to replace thin, pastel cardigans with (to my mind) unappealing, bulky knitwear – now I can carry my flowers with me until spring appears again! (They also serve as the perfect complement to cotton sundresses that I should really retire until April but, realistically, will continue to wear until such habits of dress become physically impossible!)

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outfit of the [yester]day: floral fish!

floral fish (4 of 4)floral fish (2 of 4)I attempted to create a more nuanced title for this post, but let’s face it–with a concept this incredible, there’s honestly not much I could possibly improve with a pun.

Meet the floral fish dress! I’m not sure which Lindy Bop fabric designer is responsible for this quirky land-meets-sea mashup, but they are my type of person. Its triangular collar provides some needed variety to my wardrobe, which is currently so devoted to Peter Pan [collars] that it might as well be a Lost Boy.

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7 Curious Things That Should Be Novelty Prints


It’s now been a year since I bought my first novelty print dress (as an adult). I saw my beloved shark dress on Poshmark and couldn’t believe my luck–in a world of solids, polka-dots and stripes, had someone actually designed a quirky marine biology dress in a non-kid’s size?

Ever since, I’ve plunged fully into the world of whimsical clothing. Hey, if it’s affordable and boosts my mood and self-confidence every time I wear it, why not? I’ve managed to expand my collection to include dresses featuring dinosaurs, seahorses, mermaids, and rocketships, but as a historian and natural history nerd, I have a few ideas for some extra-strange novelty prints that I’d like to see some day…

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Rainbow Sherbet

mintehminteh again

Sometimes you just need to dress up like you’re going to an ice cream social for unicorns, you know? Though I enjoy crafting elegant-yet-office-appropriate vintage styles during the week, I save my wildest pastel ensembles for slow-paced Sundays. The fairy-tale glamour comforts me even when I have no one with whom to attend, like, a magical realism garden party*.

Anyway, since I’m from Hawai’i, you’re more likely to find me enjoying a rainbow shave ice than its equally spectrum-hued sherbet equivalent–but the minty, pastel hues of that ice-cream pretender fit so well with my personal aesthetic!

*(In case you were wondering, my dream magical-realism garden party guests would be Borges, Salman Rushdie, Helen Oyeyemi, and Aimee Bender (in charge of the cake, of course).

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Packing in Pastel

pink (2 of 6)pink (1 of 6)

What do you pack for a springtime vacation? As I began preparations for an upcoming trip, I realized that for a girl with a dragon’s hoard for dresses, I somehow have almost no tops. I’m attempting to go a little minimalist on this trip, and thought shirts and skirts might be a better solution than a bag full of dresses: but that requires owning shirts in the first place!

Luckily enough, some clever clearance shopping has brought me a near-complete pastel wardrobe that should fit compactly into a carry-on.

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Outfit of the (Yester)day: A Love Letter to Pink & Lace

2.13 FOR BLOG (3 of 12)

There’s nothing like that moment when you first meet your fashion true love–and I make no attempt to hide the fact that my two wardrobe beloveds are pastel colors and dainty lace. Because of its beautiful blending of the two, I am relatively certain that this magical dress is not from our Earth, but rather emerged from some alternative Wes Anderson-y dimension, where twee clothes conceal hard truths about living. Or something.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, to be honest: I’m just so distracted by my great passion for this little fit-and-flare. Can someone please just invite me to a winter tea party already?

2.13 FOR BLOG (11 of 12)

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Outfit of the (Yester)day: Vintage Winter


Remember that ridiculously pastel vintage dress I found while thrifting a few months ago? It’s made from quite a heavy fabric, and probably a little too vintage and strange to wear to work (for now!)–so I finally wore it for the first time during a quick snow-walk this weekend. I usually have to complete my outside photoshoots in just a few minutes before bundling back into my warm jacket, but this dress managed to keep me rather comfortable even without!

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