Return of the String (of Postcards)

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Recently, I found myself once again in the possession of a “craft empire”–a.k.a. a vacant spare bedroom stuffed to the brim with letter-writing supplies. It’s a cozy room with a window looking out into (seriously, into) a tree; it reminds me of a hobbit hole or the Rat’s home from Wind in the Willows in the best of ways. I’ve found myself even more grateful for this little safe space over the past few days, a place where I can immerse myself in writing and creating and try to keep my focus on the wind and the leaves and my resident squirrel.

The most exciting part, though, is that my pride and joy, the postcard clothesline, has returned! Light the beacons of Gondor! I love being able to see so many pieces of the world lining my walls, and it’s a snap to construct and maintain (provided you have some strong thumbtacks and relatively light bits of ephemera). Read on for a peek at my favorite in-house mail art exhibition…

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What’s In My Mailbox? | Secret Gardens



I don’t know about you, my fellow snail-mailers, but this past month or so has been a pretty slow time for my mailbox. With the new semester starting, I’m not surprised that my volume of incoming mail has decreased since summer drew to a close!

That said, after a few weeks of nothing but bills and unwanted catalogues, I was delighted to find that I’d accumulated quite a number of new letters by the time this weekend rolled around. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose?

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Cards on the Table | A (Partial) Postcard Collection Tour!


I recently had to dismantle one of my favorite room decorations–my “clothesline of postcards”–because, well, weird little cats and things on strings do not mix! Now that my collection is safely out of the paws of my favorite feline, I’m trying to figure out what to do with nearly eight months’ worth of gifts from pen pals around the world.

Whether they end up in a photo album or a wall mosaic, I’ve enjoyed looking through them again and admiring the many beautiful places and artworks they show: it’s like a trip abroad in and of itself!


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Wish You Were Then

“Feeding Chipmunk at Seven Falls in South Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colo.”

Unsent, blank postcards from decades past are my favorite thing to discover in a secondhand store. I love exploring these scraps of other people’s adventures, wondering who might have chosen each now-abandoned postcard. Was it, for example, a child, spending seemingly hours deliberating because her pocket money could only cover one little souvenir? Or someone with a child in mind, buying stacks of postcards from each place that he or she had to visit without the family?

There’s really no way of knowing, of course: but the mystery certainly adds an additional layer of enjoyment to my most recently acquired stack of postcards from the past!

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