pin review: trilobite by natelle draws stuff

trilobite (4 of 7)trilobite (7 of 7)

Happy Trilobite Friday! At the start of June, I had just been thinking that my pin collection was seriously lacking in representation of Paleozoic ocean life–and then Natelle Draws Stuff released a brass 3D trilobite pin and I became more delighted than I’ve felt in eons.

I’m aware that I am totally setting myself up for strangers telling me “ew, there’s a bug on your collar!”*: but introvert though I may be, I remain incredibly excited to spread the good word of trilobite natural history to anyone who happens to question my accessory choices.

*I mean, it is an arthropod, but it’s a cute one! Come on!

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My Favorite/Quirkiest Outfits of 2016

adventure is out there! ♡  ceaseless seahorses   more like “defeat rolls”

a love letter to pink & lace ♡ part of your world ♡ contemporary garden fairy

beyond the infinite ♡ you won’t believe it’s winter  stars & stars forever 

With barely a week left in this old year, I’m going to fall into the usual blogging cliche of churning out a 2016-in-review post or two! Starting with, of course, one of my favorite posting subjects of the year: the vintage-inspired, novelty-print-heavy, oft-thrifted outfits to which I subjected the general public throughout the past twelve months.

I first began dabbling in true outfit-of-the-day sharing at the very end of 2015, and I’m impressed by the sheer number of fashion-related posts I created in the time since! I had to be quite selective to narrow it down to these nine. Looking over these photographs, I think, gives you a sense of my evolving style, the many times I switched between straight bangs and side-bangs, and my growing confidence in front of the camera.

Read on for details about each of these ensembles, or click the links above to check out the original posts–if you so desire.

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Beyond the Infinite


I’ve joked about my resemblance to a certain Magic Schoolbus protagonist before, but it’s now official–I’m just one lizard short of becoming Ms. Frizzle. Now, if I were a classroom teacher, I’d be much more likely to take my kids on a field trip back in time to visit a sixteenth-century cabinet of curiosities: PBS, if you ever want to cast me in the Magic Schoolbus: Early Modern Museum History reboot, just give me a call.

Even though I know more about wunderkammern than the wonders of the universe, I’m still a casual sci-fi/pop-astronomy nerd. In high school, I read Contact and Clarke, watched Cosmos, listened to that Symphony of Science remix album on repeat, and dreamed of visiting SETI just like everyone else!

I’m only sad that I can’t pop back to the past to give this dress to my teenaged self. It would have been the perfect thing to wear to my “sweet [sci-fi] 16” party, a now-infamous shindig for which my mother even created a HAL-9000 cake…

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Ms. Frizzle Style (CowCow Rocketship Dress)

For blog long (6 of 7)For blog short (2 of 2)

Fasten your seatbelts, everyone, and look at this wild dress that I found on Amazon! I can’t think of a pattern more suited to my personality, and the teal color is a redhead’s dream. My greatest aspiration as an educator is to someday assemble a wardrobe to rival Ms. Frizzle’s (of Magic Schoolbus fame!): this rocket dress is definitely a step in the right direction.

I bought this CowCow-brand dress through Amazon for under $20. It was a bit of a tricky decision, as the reviews on these dresses are pretty mixed: for one, some people are put off by the unusual feel of the fabric (it’s kind of swimsuit meets scuba knit). I generally try to stay away from super synthetic textiles myself, but this quirky print was just too much to resist! And, to be honest, the weird materials make it pretty dang comfortable–there’s no way this dress would ever wrinkle.

(…which is a useful attribute when you’re leading a busy lifestyle of soaring through the solar system and opening the pod bay doors, maybe?)

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Outfit of the (Yester)day: Shark in the Water


I have heart-shaped sunglasses and a dress that combines a Peter Pan collar with an adorable shark print, and I’m finally back home in Hawai’i. How much better could December get?

As soon as I woke up this morning–with tree ferns and misty forests outside my window and the sounds of native birds creeping in through the ceiling–I knew that I would have to celebrate the warm weather by wearing my new shark dress for the first time.

(Considering that I’m now on a small island surrounded by the Pacific, I’d say it’s pretty thematically relevant.)

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