outfit of the [yester]day: not-really nineteenth-century

lace (4 of 4)lace (1 of 4)lace (3 of 4)

There’s absolutely nothing nineteenth-century about this dress–the vintage reproduction company from which I purchased it touted the style as 1940s-inspired, I believe, and collar dresses are sufficiently popular at the moment for my look to pass as something simply romantically contemporary.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending an unprecedented amount of time in a house inhabited by a nineteenth-century poet, but for whatever reason, I feel like this simple dress captures some of the Victorian aesthetic nonetheless. At any rate, I’m thinking it will be most suitable for leading historic house tours in the future, assuming I won’t have access to authentic Victorian period dress!

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outfit of the [yester]day: cute + cephalopoda

yellow dress (4 of 4)yellow dress (2 of 4)yellow dress (1 of 4)

Hey, remember last summer when I felt an undeniable urge to re-curate my outfit photo wall? I loved that marine-themed wall art, but like any museum professional, I also know that you can’t display works on paper for too long without risking damage from the sun and other elements. Consequently, those free printables–I mean, works of art–have returned to my obviously high-security storage facility, and I’ve reinstalled a selection of early modern natural history illustrations of cephalopods, odd deep-sea fish, and phytoplankton.

Then I happened to find this vintage dropped-waist dress in a quaint secondhand store in Pennsylvania, and its cheerful pastel tones nearly perfectly match the faded hues of my new squid-themed mini exhibition. I–alas!–do not currently own a squid pin, but my second (!) mousemoth pin by Minnow & Moss, this version in green and yellow, complements this dress excellently.

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Edinburgh 2017 (10 of 10)Edinburgh 2017 (5 of 10)Edinburgh 2017 (8 of 10)You’d be forgiven if your first reaction upon reading this post was something along the lines of “Wow, Keely, was your trip to Scotland last week secretly a dragon egg acquisition mission?”

Well, no, on two counts — first of all, I think there are probably some serious customs restrictions on the importation of magical dragons-to-be, and, more importantly, these eggs were actually waiting for me upon my return! Their provenance is Irish, not Scottish: the beautiful work of my crafting-genius pen pal Emma.

Can you guess how she made them? It’s genius, but I’ll let you discover it on your own. In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of the silly fifteen minutes I spent photographing myself cradling these eggs as though they were my own draconic brood.

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I walk the crinoline (Lindy Bop net petticoat)

petticoat2 (1 of 3)petticoat (2 of 3)

You knew this day was coming, folks. After a yearlong foray into the glories of 1950s- and 60s-inspired fashion, I’ve finally purchased one of those dang petticoats. In fact, it’s a cheerful pastel crinoline consisting of enough layers of yellow, feathery tulle to evoke Big Bird at the ballet.

When I tore open the airmail package on Saturday and came face-to-face with the reality that I had purchased an archaic garment intended to make me resemble one of those bizarre Barbie doll cake toppers, I’ll admit that there was a moment of existential doubt.


  • it was only $10 on sale – and that’s probably the equivalent of what one might spend at a certain New England donut and coffee purveyor over the course of three days, so I think I’m all good, and
  • I’ve kind of always wanted to capture the aesthetic of one of those bizarre Barbie doll cake toppers, I guess?

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What to wear when…cosmic & canine


Dogs in spaaaace! I’d like to imagine that this retro-futuristic cosmic fantasy is the quirky afterlife in which an ascended Laika explores the universe with other astro-pups. (Rest in peace, little cosmonaut.)

With this dress, I think I have finally reached my novelty print apotheosis. How much weirder and more specifically tailored to my odd interests could you get? (I’m going to keep saying that and tempting fate until someone comes up with a space-whale fabric.)

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Weigh anchor!


Normally, I don’t make a habit of mentioning where I purchased each item of clothing in an outfit post…mostly because, as I’ve said before “random New England thrift store” is not an easy retailer for you to track down.

This ensemble, however, pays tribute to the gorgeous anchor-print scarf sent to me by my friend Emma from Puddleside Musings for Christmas! Surely I will impress Americans in droves if I tell them that this accessory was handmade in Ireland. So thank you, Emma: have some weird photos of me in full-on nautical style juxtaposed against our Hawaiian backyard in return for your kindness!

(And yes, I am pretending to shield my eyes from the sun to look out at the ocean horizon in that first photo even though there’s neither ocean nor sun, most days, in the rainforest. The things one does for outfits.)

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My Favorite/Quirkiest Outfits of 2016

adventure is out there! ♡  ceaseless seahorses   more like “defeat rolls”

a love letter to pink & lace ♡ part of your world ♡ contemporary garden fairy

beyond the infinite ♡ you won’t believe it’s winter  stars & stars forever 

With barely a week left in this old year, I’m going to fall into the usual blogging cliche of churning out a 2016-in-review post or two! Starting with, of course, one of my favorite posting subjects of the year: the vintage-inspired, novelty-print-heavy, oft-thrifted outfits to which I subjected the general public throughout the past twelve months.

I first began dabbling in true outfit-of-the-day sharing at the very end of 2015, and I’m impressed by the sheer number of fashion-related posts I created in the time since! I had to be quite selective to narrow it down to these nine. Looking over these photographs, I think, gives you a sense of my evolving style, the many times I switched between straight bangs and side-bangs, and my growing confidence in front of the camera.

Read on for details about each of these ensembles, or click the links above to check out the original posts–if you so desire.

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