walking with dinosaurs

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Nothing says “cute lifestyle blogger aesthetic” like a series of photos of open-mawed animatronic dinosaurs, right?

Last weekend, I took a road trip four states over for an important family event–that also included an obligatory stop at a certain Pennsylvania attraction that we’d been eyeing for years. It’s probably no secret that, like the eight-year-old I am at heart, I have a soft spot for all things saurian, and this outdoor jungle of prehistoric beasts sent me into a glorious state of raptor–I mean, rapture.

(Also, yes, in case you were wondering: I did indeed wear my dinosaur dress.)

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Western* MA Wanderings | Milling About Lowell



If there’s one thing I’ve come to associate with Massachusetts, it’s industrial history. My journeys through North Adams, Easthampton, and now Lowell have all immersed me in the histories of  former mill and factory towns.

Lowell is one of the largest cities in the state, but its historical district–at once both city and National Monument–is a fascinating synthesis of past and present.

*Technically, this is more like Eastern MA, but I’m always wandering from the Pioneer Valley, so perhaps that counts!

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