scenes from a sail

mini whales (2 of 7)whales and ocean (1 of 3)whales and ocean (3 of 3)

As someone who cultivates an association with the ocean throughout all she does, I must confess that I can count the number of times I’ve actually traversed the sea on one hand. Unlike the protagonists of The Wind in the Willows, I lack much experience with “messing about in boats.”

You can imagine, then, what a deeply moving and exhilarating experience I enjoyed on this recent sailing adventure during my trip home! Flat water, clear skies, and a few humpback whales passing through (captured in all their glory thanks to my zoom lens!) made for a most enchanting morning.

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Summer in Salem

salem photos (8 of 9)salem photos (4 of 9)

Every time I leave my forested home in favor of the coast, I imagine what it would be like to move there permanently. Nothing appeals to me more than the idea of spending every day by the ocean – or at least being within a short drive of the seaside. As a consequence of such visits, I also find myself rekindling my fascination with maritime art: spending weeks afterwards brushing up on New England’s seafaring history!

Though it’s been almost six months since my husband and I went to Salem for a mini-honeymoon, I’m glad that my academic circumstances prevented me from posting these photographs until now. Those wildly hot August days meandering past the Atlantic seem even more appealing in January!

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School Supplies & Sea Turtles: Iwako Puzzle Erasers


Novelty erasers have always made me a little uncomfortable. Why would I want to take an adorable object in the form of a sweet creature and slowly erode it bit by bit to cover up my pencil-related mistakes? (You can imagine that I find the act of eating animal-shaped cookies quite challenging too.)

I spotted some whale shark erasers in a stationery store in Liverpool over the summer, and while I didn’t pick them up at the time (I was short on space and nearly out of pounds!), I’ve kept those erasers in my mind ever since. When I noticed a pack of sea life Iwako erasers on Amazon, though, I knew the time had come to add those whale sharks to my desktop aquarium! (And no, I don’t plan on ever using them for their intended purpose. They’re too cute!)

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how many wonders can one mailbox hold?


For someone with only moderate affection for The Little Mermaid (of all the Disney ocean movies out there, I’d pick Atlantis every time), I sure tend to reference it in my post titles quite frequently! There is something Ariel’s-grotto-ish about my growing snail mail collection, though–even if it’s slightly more curated than a collection of found objects from shipwrecks across the centuries.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day at the New England Aquarium, and I can’t think of a better time to show off my most recent haul of marine mail. Today’s envelopes are sailing in from Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands!

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If Wishes Were Seahorses…Fairytale Collars Review


If you were to graph the intensity of my love for Peter Pan collars over time, it would probably look like an exponential growth function. No matter that it’s been nearly four years since I first fell in love with this strange, rounded-lapel style: I just can’t get enough of them.

Of course, most of the Peter Pan collars I encounter are your run-of-the-mill dress-toppers. But what if there existed a magical type of collar that featured marine life or forest creatures or a sequined night sky?

Enter Fairytale Collars, an Instagram business that features the gorgeous creations of a sewing enchantress: whimsical accessories for clients like me who obstinately insist that being an adult doesn’t necessarily entail dressing in drab colors and the dreaded “business casual.” She lists ready-made collars for sale on a regular basis (though they disappear QUICKLY!) and also provides custom orders for those whose fingers aren’t speedy enough to catch one in time (i.e. yours truly).

I am absolutely in love with this sweet collar, and I will mention, as usual, that I bought it myself and am writing about it in my honest-and-Pollyannaish way. (My one disclaimer is that I am just about guaranteed to adore anything with a pink seahorse on it, so…just keep that in mind.)

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A Mystical Aquarium Adventure | Mystic, CT


There are few professional picture-takers I admire quite so much as wildlife photographers. Capturing moments of natural beauty is tricky enough when you don’t have to worry about your subject scurrying away! Photographing underwater creatures, then, requires even more skill, patience, and good timing.

This is all to say that recording my recent trip to Mystic Aquarium (appropriately located in Mystic, CT) was a herculean task beyond belief: but I love sealife so much that I couldn’t help but do my best to channel my inner Sylvia Earle and get up close and personal with these waterbound wonders.

And I thought photographing the moon was hard!

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