outfit of the [yester]day: cute + cephalopoda

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Hey, remember last summer when I felt an undeniable urge to re-curate my outfit photo wall? I loved that marine-themed wall art, but like any museum professional, I also know that you can’t display works on paper for too long without risking damage from the sun and other elements. Consequently, those free printables–I mean, works of art–have returned to my obviously high-security storage facility, and I’ve reinstalled a selection of early modern natural history illustrations of cephalopods, odd deep-sea fish, and phytoplankton.

Then I happened to find this vintage dropped-waist dress in a quaint secondhand store in Pennsylvania, and its cheerful pastel tones nearly perfectly match the faded hues of my new squid-themed mini exhibition. I–alas!–do not currently own a squid pin, but my second (!) mousemoth pin by Minnow & Moss, this version in green and yellow, complements this dress excellently.

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where we’re going, we don’t need roads

back to the future (3 of 4)

Jennifer isn’t exactly my favorite Back to the Future character (that dubious honor goes to George McFly), but as my flirtation with 80s fashion continues, I’ve found her style pretty exciting to emulate! Here’s hoping no one will leave me sleeping on a porch while they return to the time period of their choice.


Jennifer’s original vest (or is it just a sleeveless denim shirt? WHO KNOWS, EIGHTIES FASHION) is a little too oversized for my tastes–I made mine by cropping a girls’-size-large denim jacket from the Goodwill. My latticed picnic-basket-style skirt is also a thrifting find from a few years ago: who would’ve thought it might fit into a retro look like this one?

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Time-Traveling Review: Nishe Dress

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Could there be anything more futile than reviewing a dress that isn’t even sold anymore?

Luckily, that’s a strictly rhetorical question, and I will neither answer it nor obey its intimations. I bought this gorgeous secondhand dress by Nishe through a fellow blogger’s closet sale a little while ago, and am now wishing like crazy that I had snapped a few of them up when they were released several years ago.

Consequently, my words of praise for this dress won’t exactly be that useful for your future purchasing plans; on the other hand, time travelers who can pop back to 2010 are welcome to enjoy this review!

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Room Tour: The Little Things

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By now, I’m sure you’re familiar with some staples of my room–my comforter and my ivory desk and vanity, for example, are essential backdrops for my incoming mail shots. I’ve even featured smaller installations from my little hideaway, like my cabinet of curiosities and my letter-writing workspace.

My room is constantly changing, and although I have some bigger projects in mind for the future (the most major? A full restoration makeover for my vanity table and desk!), I wanted to show off some of the smaller decor essentials that I’ve acquired after years of thrifting and garage-sale-seeking. With some patience and creativity, you can make any space look dreamy and romantic on a budget!

Pictured above: I use “orphaned teacups” (this one was fifty cents since the rest of its set was missing!) to hold jewelry and other curios. I also nurture a growing colony of indoor plants: the quickest way to give a room an overgrown, fairy-tale atmosphere!

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Outfit of the (Yester)day: Come Monday Night

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My ultimate source of style aesthetic inspiration is the iconically twee 2014 Belle & Sebastian musical movie, God Help the Girl, a film in which Emily Browning and other cute hipster friends dance around Glasgow making music and wearing the best vintage-inspired clothing known to man. Talk about life goals.

The mustard tones of this sweater remind me of the music video to the film’s title song, an indie-pop romp that features a lot of footage of gorgeous boater-hat-clad Emily lying in a sepia-toned field on a bright sunny day while singing. That sounds like my happy place in a nutshell. (Given the day of the week, though, this post is named after a slightly different God Help the Girl number.)

Until I too can conquer my mental health demons by starting a retro band with Oly Alexander, I’m content to reenact my favorite film with what’s available to me: Peter Pan collars and warm colors galore!

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Outfit of the (Yester)day: A Love Letter to Pink & Lace

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There’s nothing like that moment when you first meet your fashion true love–and I make no attempt to hide the fact that my two wardrobe beloveds are pastel colors and dainty lace. Because of its beautiful blending of the two, I am relatively certain that this magical dress is not from our Earth, but rather emerged from some alternative Wes Anderson-y dimension, where twee clothes conceal hard truths about living. Or something.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, to be honest: I’m just so distracted by my great passion for this little fit-and-flare. Can someone please just invite me to a winter tea party already?

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Secondhand Stationery: The “Impressionist Stationery Box”



As an avid letter-writer, I’m delighted by the fact that stationery seems to always find me–even when I’m not looking for it!

After last weekend’s stationery haul, I didn’t expect to be adding to my pen pal supplies collection for quite some time. Notecards and envelopes are expensive! While visiting the local farmers’ market, however, I was surprised to notice a community tag sale taking place further up on the town commons. I decided to just walk by, and was briefly letting my eyes wander over the old goblets and dolls’ furniture when I saw  a massive box of vaguely Impressionist-inspired stationery.

For a dollar.

I guess it was just meant to be!

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