pin review: trilobite by natelle draws stuff

trilobite (4 of 7)trilobite (7 of 7)

Happy Trilobite Friday! At the start of June, I had just been thinking that my pin collection was seriously lacking in representation of Paleozoic ocean life–and then Natelle Draws Stuff released a brass 3D trilobite pin and I became more delighted than I’ve felt in eons.

I’m aware that I am totally setting myself up for strangers telling me “ew, there’s a bug on your collar!”*: but introvert though I may be, I remain incredibly excited to spread the good word of trilobite natural history to anyone who happens to question my accessory choices.

*I mean, it is an arthropod, but it’s a cute one! Come on!

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pin review: “courage, dear heart” by the clever clove

courage pin (5 of 7)courage pin (3 of 7)

What incredible luck I’ve had with “seconds” pins of late! My newly beloved mousemoth pin (about which I apparently cannot stop talking) is practically perfect in every way, even though I bought it at a wonderful discount, and, in a similar vein, I am nothing but impressed by this seconds-sale enamel pin with a courageous theme from The Clever Clove on Etsy. (Watch me refer to it not-so-sneakily in every one of next week’s updates!)

As I’ve alluded in previous posts (to put it lightly), exactly a week ago I faced a surgical fear that has haunted me for nearly a decade. I know that wisdom teeth extractions are pretty commonplace here in the states, but as someone with incredible needle anxiety, I have dreaded this day since I first turned sixteen and learned that I did indeed have a quartet of those unwanted beasts. I had to get it done–and I was remarkably brave in the days leading up to it!–so when I randomly stumbled upon* this beautifully designed pin quoting my favorite inspirational lion, I figured it had to be a good totem to carry with me before this bleak venture!

*I really need to stop searching “seconds sale pins” on Etsy and wantonly coveting whatever pretty things catch my attention–but it’s just such fun, and I love to support small businesses and artists!

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pin review: mousemoth by minnow & moss

mousemoth (1 of 6)mousemoth (6 of 6)

My menagerie of pins continues to grow, broadening into a bestiary of the most fantastic creatures! The newest member of my merry band of enamel revelers is this gorgeous leafy creature–a mousemoth by Minnow & Moss.

It’s been many a year since I darkened the door of a certain extremely popular microblogging site, but in the days that I did, I used that platform exclusively to discover enchanting artists. Among those lovely illustrators kindly introduced to me through Tumblr was Olivia Chin Mueller: now you too can spend hours poring over her magical portfolio!

Anyway, Minnow & Moss is the combined efforts of Olivia and her mother Tracye, and they have a variety of beautiful pins for sale. I bought this mousemoth as a seconds-sale item, which usually means the pin has some kind of minor flaw (hence the discounted price)–though I can’t for the life of me figure out what it might be! This mousemoth is perfect just the way she is.

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let’s cuttle: Oh Plesiosaur pin review


Feast your eyes on this sparkly cephalopod! I may have spent a good amount of last week gushing about my love for ocean sunfish, but the mola mola’s biggest competition for my favorite sea creature has to be the cuttlefish.

Oh Plesiosaur released this shiny enamel pin just days after I returned from our trip to Monterey. It was destiny! Now I can wear it to work, hoping it will catch some wayward museum employee’s eye and make them wonder which alien-of-the-sea is hanging out on my lapel!

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If Wishes Were Seahorses…Fairytale Collars Review


If you were to graph the intensity of my love for Peter Pan collars over time, it would probably look like an exponential growth function. No matter that it’s been nearly four years since I first fell in love with this strange, rounded-lapel style: I just can’t get enough of them.

Of course, most of the Peter Pan collars I encounter are your run-of-the-mill dress-toppers. But what if there existed a magical type of collar that featured marine life or forest creatures or a sequined night sky?

Enter Fairytale Collars, an Instagram business that features the gorgeous creations of a sewing enchantress: whimsical accessories for clients like me who obstinately insist that being an adult doesn’t necessarily entail dressing in drab colors and the dreaded “business casual.” She lists ready-made collars for sale on a regular basis (though they disappear QUICKLY!) and also provides custom orders for those whose fingers aren’t speedy enough to catch one in time (i.e. yours truly).

I am absolutely in love with this sweet collar, and I will mention, as usual, that I bought it myself and am writing about it in my honest-and-Pollyannaish way. (My one disclaimer is that I am just about guaranteed to adore anything with a pink seahorse on it, so…just keep that in mind.)


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pin it to win it: my brooch collection begins


I know we’re living in an age when literally everything is described as a part of a curatorial process (tumblr blogs! playlists! your newsfeed!)…but honestly, acquiring pins really does make you feel a little like a curator or collector.

I’ve always thought that if I suddenly struck it rich I’d invest some of my wealth in contemporary art, maybe picking up some works on paper or small sculptures here and there. In the meantime, I can capture the same feeling in miniature by gathering together a careful selection of brooches: supporting independent businesses and emerging artists at a minor cost my budget can handle!


You may have encountered them before–especially if you follow me on instagram!–but please allow me to introduce you, formally, to my ever-growing pin family!

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Jewelry Wizardy: MadMarchMoon Dragon Earrings Review

Dragons and Valentines (22 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (20 of 28)

There’s one thing I can say about the rise of social media: it certainly makes gift-giving a lot easier.

Last October, I found an amazing tumblr post showing off unbelievably beautiful 3D dragon jewelry, and I reblogged it almost instantly. As it turns out, someone was taking note!

Imagine my complete surprise when I opened a gift from my boyfriend on Christmas morning to find the gossamer dragon earrings of my dreams from Mad March Moon Designs!

(Predictable disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review, and all of my love for these dragons is honest and my own. I just want to tell the world about them, and celebrating small business/artists who create beautiful [dragon-related] things is important to me!)

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