outgoing mail: billions & billions of stars

sky mail (7 of 7)sky mail (4 of 7)

Space may be the place, but the sold-individually decorative paper section at a certain major craft store (that will remain anonymous as I still refuse to provide free marketing for chain retailers on my little-read, niche blog) is currently also “the place.” I don’t know when their paper design department upgraded from stripes and polka dots to sky-maps and painted galaxies, but I am not complaining. And neither, I hope, will my pen pals when they receive these envelopes!

(If you want to know how to sing the title of this blog post, check out my #1 jam as a highschooler: one of Symphony of Science’s quality musical remixes of quotes from various “great minds of science.” I think Bill Nye was responsible for this title-worthy phrase!)

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Beyond the Infinite


I’ve joked about my resemblance to a certain Magic Schoolbus protagonist before, but it’s now official–I’m just one lizard short of becoming Ms. Frizzle. Now, if I were a classroom teacher, I’d be much more likely to take my kids on a field trip back in time to visit a sixteenth-century cabinet of curiosities: PBS, if you ever want to cast me in the Magic Schoolbus: Early Modern Museum History reboot, just give me a call.

Even though I know more about wunderkammern than the wonders of the universe, I’m still a casual sci-fi/pop-astronomy nerd. In high school, I read Contact and Clarke, watched Cosmos, listened to that Symphony of Science remix album on repeat, and dreamed of visiting SETI just like everyone else!

I’m only sad that I can’t pop back to the past to give this dress to my teenaged self. It would have been the perfect thing to wear to my “sweet [sci-fi] 16” party, a now-infamous shindig for which my mother even created a HAL-9000 cake…

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Outgoing Mail: Cloudy

for blog (13 of 16)for blog (15 of 16)

Another day, another post with a title inspired by a Simon & Garfunkel song! How could I resist when my outgoing mail from last week seemed to come straight from the skies (and beyond the atmosphere, for that matter)?

The massive haul of tag sale craft paper I acquired a few weeks ago contains multitudes, basically, and I have enjoyed making a new discovery every time I attempt to sort through it. It included a whole pack of cloud-covered prints, which paired so well with the USPS’ fairly new release of planet stamps…

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DC Museum Marathon: All About That (Air &) Space



Because I work at an art museum, I find non-arts-based institutions–natural history and science museums, historic houses, museums of flight and technology–all the more exciting. It’s so much fun to explore the different ways in which objects and knowledge can be shared: whether you’re showing off a trilobite or a Titian, it’s still key to snag your audience’s attention and encourage them to look closely.

Plus, let’s be honest, I just love dinosaurs and space. Period. How could I pass up the opportunity, then, to visit DC’s Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and National Air and Space Museum?

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The Phases of Moon Photography


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.16.20 AM

Maybe it’s because it’s just about a couple of hundred thousand miles from the Earth, but the moon is quite a challenge to photograph. In fact, prior to my arrival into the world of DSLR photography last year, I don’t think I ever successfully captured anything better than a weird lunar blob.

Sunday night’s Super Blood Harvest [Insert Adjective Here] Moon Eclipse gave me the perfect opportunity for some celestial snapshots–and though my fairly standard lens could never do it justice (I’ll leave that to the experts), I think I did all right for a first-timer!

It took a lot of tries to get there, though…

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