Pastel Survival Kit

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Happy September from a particularly frantic blogger! I’m currently in the midst of running some exceptionally large-scale programs at work, so you can imagine that I am taking extra steps to soothe my weary soul at the end of each day. (Museum fatigue is a thing, you guys!)

While I’m enjoying every minute of this program, I’m also looking forward to relaxing after its successful completion and returning to my usual weekend activities of letter-writing and sunset-watching. In the meantime, though, here’s a quick peek into some of the essential (and aqua-hued) items keeping me afloat!

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Sylvan Stationary (or, Notecards from the Nonexistent Forest)



As I may have said before, I’ve always held romanticized ideas about the stereotypical “woodland” environments of North America & Europe. Imagined visions of the forests of more temperate biomes–home to foxes, great horned owls, squirrels, and other fauna –have captured my heart since I was very young.

Luckily, my pen pals understand this strange fascination of mine! It just so happens that “whimsical, stylized woodland animals” is apparently a thing these days…and my collection of stationary that fits said theme has seen some new additions in the past few days! Continue reading