stamps & sundries: last unicorns

cactus mail (1 of 4)

Though I’m usually not one to read too many analyses of the state of the internet, I seem to be prone, at the moment, to stumbling upon articles that bemoan the death of blogging. As I have seen more than a few of my favorite blogs from past years vanish into obscurity – often replaced by a robust Instagram account instead – I sense a degree of truth to this blogging-eschatology.

I don’t want to start singing an influencer-inspired version of “The Last Unicorn” yet, though, because I still find this medium the most compelling vehicle for sharing stories. So here I am, with my Instagram private (and honestly less appealing to me these days):  attempting to keep my own little virtual storybook alive instead!

Here ends this unnecessary set of musings: onward to envelopes! 

cactus mail (4 of 4)

The animated unicorn-and-bunny pair above arrived in mid-January in this beautiful conservatory of an envelope.

cactus mail (2 of 4)

As someone who finds winter to be the most challenging and dispiriting time of the year, I usually prefer colorful, summery stamps: but even I must admit that the “Winter Birds” have captured my heart, and I have a booklet of them awaiting me in my craft room.

cactus mail (3 of 4)

More than one elegantly decorated brown-craft-paper envelope appeared in my mailbox over the past few weeks – I adore them! – and they inspire me to reminisce about my snail-mail-crafting habits of about four years ago. For a while, I loved embellishing brown envelopes with a few artfully placed stickers or cut-outs: perhaps it’s time for me to resurrect that pretty style again? Something like that unicorn, I imagine, would look particularly enchanting on a neutral backdrop!

outgoing mail: odontocetes and others

whale mail part 2 (1 of 6)whale mail part 2 (2 of 6)

I spent the past weekend investigating the interior design of 18th century American sea captains’ homes (tangentially for a final paper, but mostly just for the thrill of maritime history) — so I suppose that’s a good thematic excuse to show off some nautical envelopes I made a month ago! My unofficial “academic year blogging hiatus” will continue apace until I finish classes at the beginning of May, I’m afraid, though I do plan on blogging with some regularity in the summer: and in the meantime, I hope these whales and scales will suffice!

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What’s In My Mailbox? Advent-ageous


It’s December, 50% of my applications are complete, and I’m a week away from going home: so let the merry holiday mailing begin! I received my first festive parcel this week from Germany (thank you, Stephanie!) and am busily sending my own little envelopes of winter fun out into this wide world.

Of course, it’s been a little while since I last posted a mail haul, and I have a bit of a backlog of cute letters to show off. It was such a challenge to resist the urge to reply to these lovely mailings from England and the U.S. for so long, but after last week’s anarchy, I’m enjoying some restful letter-writing time at last. (And, in fact, I’ve now responded to all three of the letters featured here!) Joy to the world, truly.

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Crafting Haul: SEA-son’s Greetings


Since I’m going away for nearly a month for Christmas this year, I wanted to get a head start on my holiday snail mail packages before my trip. I think this juxtaposition of wintry papers and cheerful ocean stickers will perfectly capture that Christmas-by-the-Pacific feeling!

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What’s In My Mailbox: Who Knows Where The Time Goes?


Can you believe it’s already

  • Friday
  • mid-October
  • time for me to show off more incoming mail?

Last week’s mail haul was jewel-toned and summery, but the letters I received this week have a more autumnal feel.

(I’m still keeping my outgoing mail maritime and beachy, though! I will keep denying Mainland season changes for all eternity.)

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Strawberry Mail Forever

For blog (9 of 16)For blog (12 of 16)

To answer the massive amount of mail I received earlier this week, I needed an army. 

Luckily, my Italian travels also included a quick stop at a much-celebrated Danish stationery store where I resisted buying a tapir eraser, a plush salmon, and a giant notebook emblazoned with the solar system. It was impossible to avoid the charms of this strawberry-themed paper pack, though–so my outgoing mail just became a lot more summery!

(Considering how much fragola-flavored gelato I consumed in Italy, I’d say it’s fate.)

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Stationery Haul: Never Stop Exploring

again (12 of 12)again (11 of 12)

Hello from the past, my friends! I’m defying the laws of time and writing this post about a week before you’ll actually read it, since I will be in the midst of a grand adventure by the time it’s published. Aren’t posting queues just so futuristic?

Naturally, one of the most important parts of packing for a trip for a letter-writer like me is making sure that I’ll have enough stationery to get me through a journey. Bonus points if those crafting supplies are on sale and travel-themed!

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