my favorite outfits: 2017 edition


rabbits & the moon  my first petticoat! ♡ cosmic & canine

cute & cephalopoda she buys seashells ♡ return to the sea

tidepool time rose-y cotton ♡ burgundy every burgunday

Given this general delinquency in terms of my blogging consistency this year, I almost feel like I don’t deserve to pepper this coming week with unwarranted “round-up” posts–but I hope the nostalgic alchemy of year-end reflections will transform my posting malaise into something golden.

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where we’re going, we don’t need roads

back to the future (3 of 4)

Jennifer isn’t exactly my favorite Back to the Future character (that dubious honor goes to George McFly), but as my flirtation with 80s fashion continues, I’ve found her style pretty exciting to emulate! Here’s hoping no one will leave me sleeping on a porch while they return to the time period of their choice.


Jennifer’s original vest (or is it just a sleeveless denim shirt? WHO KNOWS, EIGHTIES FASHION) is a little too oversized for my tastes–I made mine by cropping a girls’-size-large denim jacket from the Goodwill. My latticed picnic-basket-style skirt is also a thrifting find from a few years ago: who would’ve thought it might fit into a retro look like this one?

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My Favorite/Quirkiest Outfits of 2016

adventure is out there! ♡  ceaseless seahorses   more like “defeat rolls”

a love letter to pink & lace ♡ part of your world ♡ contemporary garden fairy

beyond the infinite ♡ you won’t believe it’s winter  stars & stars forever 

With barely a week left in this old year, I’m going to fall into the usual blogging cliche of churning out a 2016-in-review post or two! Starting with, of course, one of my favorite posting subjects of the year: the vintage-inspired, novelty-print-heavy, oft-thrifted outfits to which I subjected the general public throughout the past twelve months.

I first began dabbling in true outfit-of-the-day sharing at the very end of 2015, and I’m impressed by the sheer number of fashion-related posts I created in the time since! I had to be quite selective to narrow it down to these nine. Looking over these photographs, I think, gives you a sense of my evolving style, the many times I switched between straight bangs and side-bangs, and my growing confidence in front of the camera.

Read on for details about each of these ensembles, or click the links above to check out the original posts–if you so desire.

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Felicity

vertical (2 of 2)vertical (1 of 3)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who spent the late 90s/early 00s coveting American Girl historical dolls–in retrospect, I’m glad I never received one, as they may not have lived up to my inflated, romanticized expectations! Some things are best reserved for dreams.

This outfit kind of reminds me of AG’s American Revolutionary girl, Felicity, and the elegant gown she wears to the Somehow Key To The Plot Gala, or something. Maybe it’s the lace and the deep blue, or the fact that Felicity and I share the same red hair and tendency for bad penmanship.

Either way, I’m all about this skirt/top combination, and the appropriately anachronistic hairstyles I’ve been playing about with recently!

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