romantic pins (4 of 5)romantic pins (1 of 1)

A note: like all my “pin reviews,” this is not sponsored in any way and merely reflects my desire to share my whimsical adventures in collecting small metallic works of art. Onward! 

I remember a brief period in my preteen life when all “friendship”-themed accessories – handmade bracelets, necklace pendants that matched, and of course the quintessential “broken-in-half” charms – absolutely transfixed me. Considering that I am now more than a decade away from being twelve, perhaps it’s a little unusual that I, a grown adult woman, wanted to share this set of pins with my grown adult sweetheart for Valentine’s Day…but I suppose I am more than a little unusual by nature.

And I can’t resist a good cetacean-themed accessory.

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Valentines from the Valley


To satisfy some creative impulses and a desire to envelop myself in a cocoon of happy, I’m-part-of-a-community emotions, I signed up for a handmade valentine swap this year–all with colleagues and neighbors! I received a list of ten local residents to whom to send a little bit of anonymous love, and waited for my own valentines to roll in.

Be forewarned: they’re almost too cute to handle!

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Outgoing Mail: Vintage Valentines

Dragons and Valentines (9 of 28)Dragons and Valentines (10 of 28)

In case my last post–featuring a giant pink skirt–didn’t drive the point home, I’m incredibly fond of the aesthetics of Valentine’s Day! Forget the commercialization of relationships and the aggressive marketing of thousands of different ways to combine Minions and heart-shaped candy: for me, February 14 means a monthlong celebration of friendship, happy colors, love letters (of any kind), lace, and adorable things in general,  which is just what I need in the winter months.

To kick my celebrations off, I’ve been working on spreading a little Valentine’s cheer to my pen pals, which has given me an excuse to finally use what I call my “vintage couch pattern” paper pack and some of my more overtly romantic washi tapes. Consider this a love note to snail mail in general!

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