burgundy every burgunday

burgundy jumper dress (5 of 5)burgundy jumper dress (3 of 5)

For the first time in many years, I’m attempting to introduce a vaguely autumnal color palette to my wardrobe! Crimsons, browns, creams, and olives – sure, you might surmise that  this reflects my growing desire to blend into the natural landscape like a quietly rooted tree, but let’s not be too hasty. I could not, of course, pass up the opportunity to match my favorite antique book!

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outfit of the [yester]day: return to the sea

glowing (4 of 5)glowing (1 of 1)glowing (5 of 5)

Two years ago today, I published my first cautious “outfit of the day” post, showing off what would become two classic staples of my personal aesthetic: Peter Pan collars and nods to marine biology. At the time, I possessed only that one vintage-style dress, and I wore it so often that I ended up buying its twin in another color. I’d never identified as someone who was Into Fashion, but there was just something about that dress–as soon as I zipped it up, I felt like a cheerful, quick-witted girl detective equipped to handle anything with anachronistic flair.

In the time since, acquiring pieces for my quirky wardrobe allowed me to feel more confident and more myself than I’d ever been in jeans and sweaters or Young Professional Workplace Wear. Now, if I so desire, I have the ability to wear colorful retro dresses literally every day. Even a skirt decorated with galactic, bioluminescent mermaids and sea creatures is at my fingertips! But — as my absence from this blog might have suggested — over the past few months, I’ve begun to lose confidence in my bold fashion. In some moments of confusion, I’ve almost wondered if I might have to abandon the style that I love and start showing up in slacks or skater skirts!

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outfit of the [yester]day: content-mint

minty dress (1 of 2)minty dress (2 of 3)

Gingham seems to be “in,” but my own fascination with it is really due to the fact that it makes me feel like a fairy-tale character. Looking like a walking picnic blanket probably just means that I need to have picnics nigh-constantly, right?

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where we’re going, we don’t need roads

back to the future (3 of 4)

Jennifer isn’t exactly my favorite Back to the Future character (that dubious honor goes to George McFly), but as my flirtation with 80s fashion continues, I’ve found her style pretty exciting to emulate! Here’s hoping no one will leave me sleeping on a porch while they return to the time period of their choice.


Jennifer’s original vest (or is it just a sleeveless denim shirt? WHO KNOWS, EIGHTIES FASHION) is a little too oversized for my tastes–I made mine by cropping a girls’-size-large denim jacket from the Goodwill. My latticed picnic-basket-style skirt is also a thrifting find from a few years ago: who would’ve thought it might fit into a retro look like this one?

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Outfit of the [Yester]day: Broken But Bioluminescent


I am so excited for my neck pain to vanish magically so I can continue my thrilling life as a regular blogger! I’m sure you’ve desperately missed me, and to make up for my continued absence, I have the world’s best skirt to show off today.

You’d think I would have now reached the point at which no novelty print could possibly surprise me–and then this “bioluminescent constellations of galactic ocean creatures” design from Lindy Bop found its way into my heart and closet. Nebulae of whales, seals, mermaids, hermit crabs, anchors, and seahorses dance across a midnight sky of polyester fabric. Every time I’ve worn this to work, many a colleague has commented that the skirt seems like “the most Keely thing ever”: at least I’m being true to myself!


My recent fixation with Lindy Bop prints has led to some interesting discoveries about their sizing options. I can fit a medium dress quite well, but this medium-sized skirt is a little too big for my waist. The cut suggests that it’s supposed to be worn on the waist – and yet the poor thing keeps falling past my hips! I suppose I need a thin belt of stars to hold it in place.

(You know what else would be a great accessory for this outfit? A little softly glowing whale that somehow can live out of water and hangs out on my shoulder? And you know what would be even cooler? Shoulders and a neck that aren’t injured! See you the next time I’m feeling better…)

Outfit of the [Yester]day: Weigh anchor!


Normally, I don’t make a habit of mentioning where I purchased each item of clothing in an outfit post…mostly because, as I’ve said before “random New England thrift store” is not an easy retailer for you to track down.

This ensemble, however, pays tribute to the gorgeous anchor-print scarf sent to me by my friend Emma from Puddleside Musings for Christmas! Surely I will impress Americans in droves if I tell them that this accessory was handmade in Ireland. So thank you, Emma: have some weird photos of me in full-on nautical style juxtaposed against our Hawaiian backyard in return for your kindness!

(And yes, I am pretending to shield my eyes from the sun to look out at the ocean horizon in that first photo even though there’s neither ocean nor sun, most days, in the rainforest. The things one does for outfits.)

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My Favorite/Quirkiest Outfits of 2016

adventure is out there! ♡  ceaseless seahorses   more like “defeat rolls”

a love letter to pink & lace ♡ part of your world ♡ contemporary garden fairy

beyond the infinite ♡ you won’t believe it’s winter  stars & stars forever 

With barely a week left in this old year, I’m going to fall into the usual blogging cliche of churning out a 2016-in-review post or two! Starting with, of course, one of my favorite posting subjects of the year: the vintage-inspired, novelty-print-heavy, oft-thrifted outfits to which I subjected the general public throughout the past twelve months.

I first began dabbling in true outfit-of-the-day sharing at the very end of 2015, and I’m impressed by the sheer number of fashion-related posts I created in the time since! I had to be quite selective to narrow it down to these nine. Looking over these photographs, I think, gives you a sense of my evolving style, the many times I switched between straight bangs and side-bangs, and my growing confidence in front of the camera.

Read on for details about each of these ensembles, or click the links above to check out the original posts–if you so desire.

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