2017 in wandering

As repetitive as they has no doubt become, I’ve nonetheless very much enjoyed this week’s reflections on 2017!

From the narcissistic standpoint of my personal life, it was quite a mercurial year–featuring a volatile blend of unexpected medical troubles (remember when I injured my neck and spent weeks lying on the floor, or when my wisdom teeth attempted to destroy me?), drastic life changes (somehow I’ve completed a quarter of my MA by now!), and stunning romance that would have seemed impossible a year ago (hey, 2015-me, it’s very important that you get involved in snail mail and decide to write to a certain Welsh pen pal…)

At the same time, I enjoyed a shocking amount of whirlwind travels in 2017, at home and abroad: the saddest part, perhaps, is that my quasi-hiatus from blogging kept me from sharing many of those photos with you, readers! Consider this post, then, a bit of a preview for some travel-blog catching up that awaits later this month.

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Forty-Minute Forest Fix




During my childhood, I spent infinitely more time outside than indoors. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting perched on a stone or hiding under the shade of a tree!

Even as a full-time employee, then, I try to use my lunch breaks as an opportunity to spend as much time active and outdoors as possible. Usually, this just takes the form of walking through town and climbing a few imposing hills, but I decided recently that I needed a bit more of an adventure.

(My Kanken Mini and a good book were, of course, my sole companions!)

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