rose-y cotton

rose sweater (4 of 4)rose sweater (1 of 4)

The advent of floral embroidered sweaters has changed my life in so many wonderfully palpable ways. In prior years of my Mainland exile, I’d feared the approach of winter and the need to replace thin, pastel cardigans with (to my mind) unappealing, bulky knitwear – now I can carry my flowers with me until spring appears again! (They also serve as the perfect complement to cotton sundresses that I should really retire until April but, realistically, will continue to wear until such habits of dress become physically impossible!)

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snow + flowers


It’s been a good long while since I just did a casual “little photos of strange magical things I discover on my walks” post, hasn’t it?

Winter decided to show all of its faces during one brief February fortnight. Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen blizzards, endless Himalayan peaks of excavated snow, veils of ice spiderwebbed across every available surface, and gloriously creamy blue skies floating above frosted branches.

(I’ve also seen the beautiful light effects that occur when you place a pink carnation on the melting snow on a surprisingly warm afternoon!)

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Snow Up Close

untitled (19 of 20)DSC_0929

It’s no secret that I’m in love with macro photography: there’s nothing I love more than trying to transform the quiet details of quotidian landscapes into strange, alien worlds. In warmer months, I attempt to document the secret histories of plants and trees, and my lens turns towards the snow itself in the winter.

Photographing snow and ice up close creates miniature landscapes like no other–great icy mountains and chasms no bigger than a pencil, endless Arctic landscapes glowing blue that run the width of a backyard…

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What to Wear When…You Won’t Believe It’s Winter


I was always saddened by Peter Pan’s suggestion that a fairy “falls down dead” every time a child chooses not to believe in them–but man, I wish that kind of philosophy could apply to winter!

If I tell myself that the snow will never come and refuse to clap my hands to resurrect the plates of ice on my car and the dirty snow down the highway, will it vanish forever, fading into the West like a forgotten elf?

Well, no. Sadly. Winter is here to stay, but at least it’s being a little tolerable at the moment. In fact, last weekend was so surprisingly sunny that I even braved an outfit photo session on the icy bridge across the Connecticut River–a spot that is gorgeous in the summer and (I’ll admit!) quietly beautiful on a sunny winter day.

I may not be able to use the power of my own thoughts to bring spring to Massachusetts: still, I’ll do my best to keep my ensembles bright and cheerful enough to remind the world of flowers and light and summer!

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